Introducing the 12 Day Self-Care Strategies for Homeschool Mom

Homeschool Mama, this is your 12-day Self-Care Strategies Challenge, if you choose to accept it.

Yes, I’m gonna do it.

I’m gonna ask you to join me for the 12-day self-care strategies for homeschool mom challenge.

You, busy homeschool mama!

Who is in the thick of…

  • Online gift shopping,
  • Tree decorating,
  • Advent celebrating,
  • Cookie baking,
  • Trying to finish workbooks
  • Trying to add a few Pinterest crafts or that Christmas thing you saw on an Instagram account, that you always wanted to do, but then discovered after $50 at Michaels and two hours planning, that only you wanted to do, and not one kid wanted to do with you.

You’ve still got…

  • laundry to fold,
  • dishes to wash,
  • meals to make,
  • groceries to order online,

and no, everyone isn’t coming over for Christmas dinner this year, so there’s a little bit less of that pressure, 

but still…

This is your reminder to take care of yourself. To nurture you. To take care of you this December.

12 day self-care strategies homeschool mom

Would I challenge you to add another thing on your already weird December list? 

You wouldn’t EVEN! you say.

But mama, I’m not giving you a TO DO list. I’m giving you a TO GIVE list… a to give list you need to give to YOU.

In less than fifteen minutes a day, maybe even in five, I’m going to introduce you to twelve self-care strategies that will help you do these next few weeks with more satisfaction and peace.

And then after Christmas, these self-care strategies will be the gifts that keep on giving.

Really, they will be.

So, join me.

Just fifteen minutes a day.

Call to Adventure by Kevin MacLeod