Impact of Homeschooling on Families: Embrace Diversity in Education

Who each of our family members is created our homeschool.

We get really clear on who we are and what we think an education is anyway and share ourselves with our kids too. (And our kids do this for us as well.)

So what is the impact of homeschooling on families?

Our family in the Arctic one summer: So what is the impact of homeschooling on family?
Our homeschool family in the Arctic…

What is the impact of homeschooling on families?

If you’re hoping your formal homeschool studies are going to accomplish in their grown-up lives?

  • Teach them to communicate?
  • Enable them to have math literacy?
  • Be exposed to different places?
  • Learn about historical figures and times?
  • Understand world events?

So many ways to answer those questions, if they’re important to you. You get to decide the questions and the answers.

This is the unique stamp of individual families.

And these choices enable your children (& you) to become freedom focused.

  • to choose your schedule
  • to choose your community
  • to teach your values
  • to delve deeply into understanding each of your kids
  • to addressing their emotional and educational needs
  • to connect with them and create all sorts of memories

Each family chooses to imprint their offspring in different ways, intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Some families enjoy football, some enjoy tennis, some don’t like any.
  • Some prefer different entertainment possibilities: hiking, watching movies, camping.
  • Some choose to be part of a religious establishment, some commune in their local community, some have a deep family network, some don’t.

Everything we do imprints messages into our children’s lives. We each imprint differently.

Rachel skipping to her own beat: how does homeschooling affect families
Skipping to her own beat…

This diversity is no different with the bytes of knowledge we choose to present to them.

  • My husband might prefer to discuss the provincial election every night.
  • I would rather take them outside for a study of botany: dig for weed roots, name the flowers, understand the need for sun.
  • My four children might not prefer either. They have their own interests too.

Who we are each family member influences the beautiful diversity of how our children are educated.

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