Self-Care & Deschooling: Is there a Helpful Connection?

Do you ever wonder why I emphasize deschooling so much (since my focus is also on your well-being and self-care)?

Because I know that how you THINK affects how you DO your homeschool.

Therefore, how you DO your homeschool influences how satisfied you are homeschooling.

So what is the connection between self-care & deschooling?

I’ve been offering short thoughts on why deschooling is valuable in every season of your homeschool on YouTube and Instagram.

I also offer deschool coaching: for the homeschool mama who wants more freedom, individualization, and purpose in her (& her kids) homeschool & life

self-care and deschooling helps homeschool mama clarify her mindset

So, how do self-care & deschooling connect?

Imagine if…
  • You felt confident in your homeschool choice.
  • You didn’t default to feeling not-good-enough.
  • Your family life (& your personal life) felt more purposeful.
  • You felt freer.
  • Your homeschool worked for you & your kids.
Therefore, your mindset could be defined by…
  • Your family’s rhythm.
  • Your activities could be guided by the people that are within your homeschool.
  • You saw learning opportunities everywhere.
  • You saw your homeschool intention beyond a philosophy or a curriculum.
  • And you could move at the flow of seasons in your family life.
So, what if your mindset influenced your daily activities?

Then you would see the connection between curiosity, play, and a real education.

What if you understood that all of life was a learning journey and we’ll all be on it all the time and we only need to be clear on what our kids need today?

You can reimagine your homeschool life!

Self Care & Deschooling: What’s the connection?

Also, you can learn more about my story of deschooling in the video here.

If you want to want to practically release yourself from the schooled mindset that’s interfering with your homeschool satisfaction, join me for teaching and perspective-shifting coaching to live the homeschool life with more freedom and purpose here. 

Therefore, here’s what we’ll do…
  • an assessment of your present homeschool
  • an assessment of your children 
  • an assessment of your belief on what an education is anyway 
  • exploratory questions & discussions to help shift your perspective 
  • a plan to practically shift your homeschool toward your real children & your satisfaction in your homeschool 
We’ll allow a 1 1/2 hour group intensive time. You’ll receive personal feedback and the Big Emotions Journaling Workbook for you to continue the work afterward. 

Bring your notebook and pen!


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