A Homeschool Dad’s Thoughts on How to Homeschool

This is a homeschool dad’s thoughts on how to engage in your homeschool. James Wiedrick is dad to our four kids, Hannah, Madelyn, Rachel, and Zachary.

When he’s not teaching Broadway song lyrics, playing every game known, challenging the kids with mental math or geography, or presidential and history trivia, he is also a medical physician who practices in emergency, anesthesia in the operating room and working in administration in the local hospital.

So let’s hear a homeschool dad’s thoughts on engaging his kids.

a homeschool dad's thoughts: how to participate in your homeschool

Be gracious. Be considerate. Be a calming presence. Try to continue to attend to your own needs in such a way that you can be a steadying presence that others will benefit from.

Jim Wiedrick, dad to my kids

Homeschool Dad’s Thoughts for Homeschool Parents:

  • Expose your kids to a lot of variety in experiences, thoughts, and resources when they’re young.
  • Don’t worry that your kids don’t know what they want to do post-high school, they’ll figure it out.
  • Allow your kids to have broad parameters in their education, so they don’t have to colour within the lines.
  • If you want to motivate your kids: you’ll get addition by subtraction.
  • We should all be working to find our own individual way of expressing ourselves so we not only grow in maturity and wisdom but also become positive net contributors to society.
  • Who are you? What lights you up? What can you do best to share yourself? Then listen to them (to your children), listen some more, and listen a little longer.

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