How to Use the Practical Deschool your Homeschool Checklist

Let’s chat about ideas for deschooling your homeschool (I’ll share how to use the practical deschool your homeschool checklist)…

You know what? We can homeschool beyond doubt, uncertainty, and that not-good-enough feeling.

I’ll show you how to use the practical deschool your homeschool checklist so you can homeschool with confidence, clarity & satisfaction.

How to Deschool your Homeschool…

You already know you want to get out of the conventional educational BOX, but how do you do it?

This Deschool your Homeschool Idea Checklist will help you figure out what you need to know to deschool your homeschool.

So, what are the things you’re uncertain about behind closed doors?

You know, when you’re not feeling you have to defend your homeschool choice. What are the things in the back of your mind that you wonder if you should be worried about in the future?

Therefore, grab a journal or notebook, write each of your kids’ names at the top, and leave the notebook on your kitchen counter so you can record what each of your kids is doing for just one week.

Try to include as many (or all) of the activities they’re doing for one week (the activities they’re doing without your compelling).

After a week, peruse the list and ask yourself a few questions:
  • What are your children’s natural interests?
  • What are their natural aptitudes?
  • How do they prefer to learn?
  • What lights them up?
  • How do they engage their friends and siblings?
  • How do their relationships and the way they engage influence their friends and siblings?
  • Assess your relationship with each of your children. What can you contribute to a healthier connection with your child (Note: your relationship is two-way, not just parent to child).
  • What do you most want for each of your children?
  • What do you think each of your kids’ needs?
  • Explore the gaps in your education. What did you miss in your education? And what could have fueled you to be more prepared for your adult world and specifically, for you to become more you?
  • Determine what you think an education is anyway: you get to decide!
  • Ask each of your kids what they would like to learn.
  • Assume that conversation counts as learning. Because they can be huge jumping-off points for learning, exploring, and practicing critical thinking.
  • Assume that experiences count as learning. Getting out of our comfort zones, and discovering new things, new people, and new ideas expands every bit of our education.
  • Assume that documentaries count as learning. Documentaries can act like cheap travel, enabling new ideas, new people, and new places…building on an education.

The goal is for you to feel confident, certain, and good enough!

Homeschool out of the box: how to use the practical deschool your homeschool checklist
Homeschool out of the box

Finally, if you’d like to join a Deschool your Homeschool, to bring individualization, freedom & purpose to your homeschool, join the waitlist.

So, do you want to practically release yourself from the schooled mindset that’s interfering with your homeschool bliss?

(Hee hee, okay, not bliss, but a more satisfying homeschool experience!)

One that works for you & your homeschool kids, that feels free, individualized & purposeful.

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