Deschool your Homeschool Journaling Workbook



Deschool your homeschool journaling workbook that aids in your self-exploration, to get clear on how you can bring freedom & individualization into your homeschool.


The Deschool your Homeschool Journaling Workbook is the perfect self-coaching tool to help you gain clarity and confidence in your homeschooling journey.

Take some time to dive deep into the questions presented and explore how you’ve been experiencing your homeschool.

With this workbook, you can determine what’s getting in your way, what’s important to you, and what areas you’d like to explore more.

The Deschool your Homeschool Journaling Workbook is highly individualized and allows you to define your own education, based on your specific children’s needs.

This workbook is a powerful tool for deschooling your homeschool and living your homeschool life on purpose.

Get out your pen, find a quiet space, and start exploring the possibilities for your homeschool today!

This Deschool your Homeschool Journaling Workbook is a self-coaching tool to help address your needs, gain satisfying relationships, and shift your perspective.

Preview the Deschool your Homeschool Journaling Workbook!

Get out your pen and dig deep into the following questions to assess how you’ve been experiencing your homeschool.

Then decide what’s getting in your way, what you really think is important, determine the areas you’d like to explore more, and practically implement whatever you need.

Assume that you’ll spend a few minutes, in a quiet space in your morning or evening, or even just once a week, to dig deep into these exploratory questions.

Slowly, gradually, over the last decade or two, I have had a transition towards a rather unconventional approach to education.

I still don’t want to label my “approach” to homeschooling. Because I just don’t like boxes (unless they’re boxes that hold Sweet Georgia Browns).

I also know that not one box out there will fit my homeschool family or even fit one of my kids.

And that’s why I know that there is no box out there that will fit yours either.

Our homeschool goal?

Not to find a comfy box, but rather, to create an education and an atmosphere conducive toward growth and expansion for our specific children.

How to do that?

There is no easy formula. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Which makes this whole homeschool thing highly individualized.

deschooling is an important early year homeschool thing to do

What gets in our way?

  • Often our pre-conceived notions about what we think we need in order to create that home education.
  • Often our pre-conceived notions about what an education is anyway.
  • And also, others’ preconceived notions about education too.

So, let’s unpack that all, get clear on what we really think, and determine how we want our homeschools to reflect our real homeschool kids.

Let’s deschool our homeschools.

Here’s what you’re going to do…

1. Observe your kids.

You don’t know what your homeschool should be like until you look at your kids.

2. Define an education.

Turns out, you get to decide. Yes, you do! That’s why you’re homeschooling. In this workbook, you’re going to build your definition of an education.

3. Determine what’s getting in your way.

Determine what is most school-like in your homeschool, what isn’t working in your homeschool, what you don’t want in your homeschool, what you can’t let go of, and what you can.

4. Determine your aspirations.

Determine what you actually want in your homeschool, how it might look, and what would feel like it would work for you and your homeschool kids.

Then live your homeschool life on purpose!

These journal questions can aid in your self-exploration, so get curious about what you’re feeling, how you’re addressing your needs, how you understand your homeschool responsibilities, and how you engage in relationships.

You can dig deep and build the homeschool that you really want in your home!

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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