Homeschool Mama Books & Courses

Here's my collection of homeschool mama books & resources you can purchase to help you in your homeschool mama journey.

Here’s my collection of homeschool mama books & courses you can purchase to help you in your homeschool mama journey.

I help the overwhelmed homeschool mama shed what’s not working so she can show up in her homeschool (& life) authentically, purposefully, and confidently.

Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach

Teresa Wiedrick, a homeschool life coach, who helps homeschool mamas overcome overwhelm, build boundaries, determine their identity and find purpose in their homeschool mama lives.

the Homeschool Mama Retreat

Together we’ll create an action plan for you to take care of you.

The retreat and the homeschool mama books & courses are here to help you nurture yourself while you nurture your homeschooled kids too.

In this retreat, you will be supported, encouraged, and challenged to advocate for you!

We’ve been taking care of our kids’ educations, their interests, their extracurriculars, their social life, their homes, their everything, and now it’s time to learn to take care of you too.

Homeschool mama books & courses help you determine what you need, why you’re doing what you’re doing and help you show up on purpose in your homeschool & your life.

These journaling workbooks, the Toolbox for Big Emotions, Grappling with Overwhelm, Building Boundaries, and Deschooling your Homeschool Workbook will help you show up on purpose in your homeschool life.

They help you explore why and how to address your homeschool challenges, so you can enjoy your homeschool charms.

Take a breather and dig into the things that are keeping you from enjoying the full charms of your homeschool so you can show up on purpose in your homeschool days & your life.

These 1 1/2 hour group coaching chat help you build confidence, clarity & vision in homeschool life.

A popular homeschool mama resource, the homeschool mama daily affirmations.

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Homeschool Mama Daily Affirmations

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Teresa Wiedfrick, the homeschool life coach, wants to connect with you, homeschool mama, to help bring clarity, confidence, and vision in your homeschool and life.

Want to connect with a homeschool mama who will walk alongside you?

Helping you turn your homeschool challenges into your homeschool charms.

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