A Clarifying, Energizing (& Free) Homeschool Mini-Retreat for You!

Enjoy a Homeschool Mama Mini-Retreat…so you can get away, take a breather, assess how you’re showing up & enable more satisfaction in your homeschool life…

This homeschool mini-retreat is designed by a homeschool mom who wants you to homeschool authentically, confidently, and purposefully.

Is a homeschool mini-retreat right for you?

  • You love your kids and you’re glad you figured out homeschooling was a thing, but you’re tired and unmotivated.
  • You love your kids, but you’re actually tired of your kids and this homeschool thing too.
  • You need a separate space to take a breather.
  • You have a sneaking suspicion that you have boundary issues and it’s interfering with your homeschool life.
  • You are overwhelmed by the dirt, noise, and responsibilities.
  • You want to continue to develop yourself (beyond your homeschool mama role).
  • You want to be more realistic with your expectations of your kids & your homeschool plans.
  • You feel more energized for each homeschool day.
  • You want to know that you’ve got a plan & routine to address your needs.
  • You want to be clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  • You want to feel supported in your homeschool journey.
  • You want to be clear that your “why” aligns with your “how”.
  • You don’t want to feel stressed by your homeschool days any more.
  • You want to feel like you’ve got enough bandwidth to deal with all of life, including your present challenges.
  • You want to know you’re showing up on purpose.

Homeschool Mama Mini-Retreat

Therefore, imagine if a homeschool mini-retreat enabled this…

  • You have a separate space to take a breather and continue develop the you that will be with you after you’re a homeschool mama.
  • You feel energized for each homeschool day, present with your kids, and happy to create homeschool memories.
  • You’re confident that you’re nurturing the nurturer as much as you’re nurturing your kids.
  • You’ve got a plan & routine to address your needs.
  • You’re clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing because you’ve decided on your “why” & it aligns with your “how”.
  • You don’t feel like you’ve got enough bandwidth to deal with the specific scenario in your life or homeschool right now.
  • You know you’re showing up on purpose (though you’re not always perfect at it, you’re doing it on purpose most of the time, and can forgive yourself when you’re not.)

Homeschool Mama Spa for your Homeschool Mama Retreat

So, dear Homeschool Mama,

Did you know this Homeschool Mini-Retreat is the first of its kind?
  • A retreat to help you acknowledge and address your emotions: possibly overwhelm, doubt, unrealistic expectations, perfectionist tendencies, guilt, and not-good-enough feelings.
  • A retreat to release your (unhelpful) homeschool mindsets.
  • A retreat to renew your homeschool vision.
  • A retreat to create a plan of self-care for you!
  • A retreat to align what you’re doing in your daily homeschool routine with how you want to do it.
  • A retreat to reimagine how I want to show up in my homeschool & life.
I ask you…
  • What do you need to retreat from & why do you need a retreat?
  • What unhelpful mindsets are getting in your way of homeschool satisfaction?
  • How do you presently describe your homeschool vision?
  • How do you want to show up in your homeschool (& life)?
  • Share the self-care strategies that serve you (& the ones you’d like to learn).
  •  Who are you beyond homeschool mama, how do you nurture your life purpose?

A homeschool mini-retreat so you can show up on purpose in your homeschool & your life with clarity, confidence, and renewed vision.

Check out what others are saying about the retreat:

The uniqueness of this retreat…

“I recommend this (retreat) for everyone. I’ve been making my way through your retreat and loving it! Your voice has a very soothing quality. It has been a special time. Teresa is a gift with the best humour. I am so blown away by the care you take to really get to know who you are mentoring/talking with. It’s so rare these days.” — Brynn

The value of the homeschool mama retreat and support received…

“Teresa is the real deal! An experienced homeschool Mom who’s been there and can help others get out of overwhelm. Her ability to hold space for silence and difficult feelings makes her “no small talk” approach so effective. I trust her. Her retreat, resources and ask me anything meetings have served me tremendously. I’m so glad she’s in my corner!” — Carrie

The transformation received from a homeschool mini-retreat…

“I feel like you know me. You offered helpful suggestions to rejuvenate and equip any homeschool mom in whatever stage she might find herself in.”

“I enjoyed our candor and your laughter, your caring, and your insights. You have allowed the experiences that have challenged you to be the catalyst to helping others.”

“This retreat is for anyone who has lost sight of themselves in the midst of living a busy life and wants to refocus on what’s truly important.”

“I hope all of your retreats bear fruit into deflated women like me, changing their defeat into delight once again, or for the first time.”

“I told you at our first session that I was looking for hope and the tools unpacked in this retreat have given me hope.” — Chari

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