How to Care for Mama’s Six Selves with the Homeschool Genius

Nike Anderson is a mommy blogger at The Homeschool Genius where she shares her passion for all things homeschool. She is the owner of Nike Anderson’s Classroom, a virtual shop for educational resources.

Nike has a Masters in Educational Leadership and resides in Middle Georgia with her husband and two young sons.

She is the Homeschool Coach at the Homeschool Genius and she’s here to help us understand our six selves.

how to take care of the homeschool mama's six selves: The Homeschool Genius

Recognize the six selves (in you and your homeschool kids): the cognitive self, the social self, the physical self, the emotional self, the spiritual self, and the creative self.

Nike Anderson, Creator of the Homeschool Genius

The Homeschool Genius’ Advice for Homeschool Mamas:

  • Recognize that homeschooling is a privilege and you get to enjoy it.
  • Expect your kids to do things that your kids can do themselves.
  • Incorporate self-care concepts into your homeschool curriculum so they grow up knowing how to do it for themselves too.
  • Carve out time, even just for five minutes, to refresh and renew, just for you.
  • Create a conscious effort to show up every day on purpose in your homeschool life.
  • This homeschool journey is also about learning a lot about yourself as much as it is learning a lot about your children.
  • Nike has learned a lot about what she needed to grow and develop in and also the virtues she’s aspiring to.

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