Join the 12 Days of Self-Care Homeschool Mom Challenge

Join me for 12 days of self-care homeschool mom challenge.

Everyone needs self-care, even and especially, you, homeschool mama. There isn’t a profession out there that doesn’t require a practice of self-care.

But as a homeschool mama, when December rolls around, mama ain’t looking after herself, she’s looking, after ALL, the things. And though ALL the things are a whole lot of things EVERY other month. December’s ALL the things is an exponential set of things.

So you’re invited to the 12-day challenge for homeschool mom self-care.

Unique to homeschooling mamas is that we have a steady, continuous stream of child presence and are wildly invested and aware of all aspects of our kids’ well-being.

Teresa Wiedrick, author of Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer

Join the Homeschool Mama 12 Day Self-Care Challenge

But what about us, homeschool mamas?

We have moments of pure gratification watching our kids…

  • harmoniously engage each other (sometimes)
  • pursue new interests
  • jump hurdles in learning and skill development
  • spend time with the ones we love
  • learn so much about our kids
  • build lifelong memories

Still, there are also a whole lot of challenges:

  • a continuous stream of fledgling emotions
  • sibling bickering
  • attempted bickering with parents
  • complaining
  • and mundane work too: can you say laundry, dishes, and food prep? 

Even when we respond in healthy ways to the challenges, distancing their fledgling emotions from our own egos and sense of well-being, we still have invested so much in them. 

We parents have our heartstrings tied to our children’s successes and failures, to their struggles and joys, to their disharmony and harmony.

Though they might have come from our womb, they are not us.

Their choices are theirs. their struggles are theirs, and their developmental stage is theirs.

The unique stamp of their personhood, their unique purpose in this world, that’s theirs.

We are not the main character on their stage. They are.

Yet, the instinct and the desire to hold it all like it is ours, is a constant temptation and an incredible expenditure of energy.

And so we must take care of ourselves.

Join me as I gift to you this 12 Days of Homeschool Mama Self-Care Challenge.

This is your reminder to take care of yourself, to nurture the nurture, to remember YOU this December.

Just fifteen minutes every day to practice nurturing the nurturer.

Join the 12 Days of Homeschool Mama Self-Care Challenge

12 days of self-care homeschool mom challenge

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