What is the Reimagine Your Homeschool Group Coaching?

What is the Reimagine Your Homeschool Group Coaching Program?

Introducing the Reimagine Your Homeschool Group Coaching Program – where you shift your less-than-satisfactory homeschooling experience to a more satisfying, successful homeschool year.

Whether you’re seeking to clarify your purpose, navigate challenges, or create engaging routines, this Reimagine Your Homeschool Group Coaching Program offers tailored guidance designed with you in mind.

Connect with a supportive community, gain practical insights, and embark on a transformative homeschool journey that shapes not just home education but your family’s life as a whole.

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First, let’s clarify who the Reimagine Your Homeschool Group Coaching Program is for…

  • Are you at a point in your homeschooling journey where you’re questioning whether you’re doing enough, whether you’re showing up the way you want to for your family?
  • Perhaps you find yourself struggling with feelings of stress, overwhelm, or even anger more often than you’d like.
  • If you’re facing challenges in relating to each of your kids individually or experiencing a sense of loneliness and disconnection, you’re not alone.
The Reimagine Your Homeschool Group Coaching program is tailored for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler struggling alone or someone who’s been contemplating sending your kids back to school, this program is here to offer guidance and support.

Letting go of unrealistic expectations, embracing your child’s unique curiosities, and navigating various age ranges, from toddlers to teenagers, can be challenging.

If you’re seeking practical advice on routines, time management, curriculum choices, and creating a nurturing homeschool environment, this program is designed to guide you.

Connect with an authentic homeschool mom who has overcome similar struggles, and become part of a supportive community that understands your journey.

Ultimately, I’ll help you reimagine your homeschool life with confidence and purpose over the course of 8 weeks via 8 important elements you want to assess, clarify, and create for your upcoming homeschool year.

Consider the Reimagine your Homeschool Group Coaching Program with Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach

So, what are the 8 Elements of the Reimagine Your Homeschool Group Coaching Program?

1/ Know why you’re doing what you’re doing, so that you can wake up every morning and know it has a purpose, and so you can weather your challenges more easily.
  • Knowing the WHY behind your homeschool choice.
  • Crafting your homeschool vision.
  • Understanding your personal vision & how your personal vision affects your homeschool vision (How to Choose Vision Words for your Homeschool).
  • Clarifying your belief on what an education is anyway for your children.
2/ Recognize the differences between home education and conventionally schooled education.
  • Understand deschooling & how to actually do it.
  • Learn how to homeschool without becoming a certified teacher.
  • And learn how to become a learning consultant or educational facilitator.
  • Understand homeschool philosophies & learn why you don’t need to ascribe to one.
3/ Know how you want to show up in your homeschool.
  • Enact a homeschool mama reading habit for your own learning and growth.
  • Understand who you are and how you relate to your family members.
  • Become more you as you also affirm others be more them too.
  • Determine how you want to show up in your homeschool.
4/ Understand your homeschool kids to give them more opportunities and give you more peace.
  • Understand learning opportunities.
  • Learn how to create learning opportunities.
  • Know how to engage the 3 r’s. And all the other school subjects.
  • Learn to observe how they learn.
  • Learn how child developmental stages & learning challenges affect your homeschool.
  • Consider what you even want your child to learn.
  • Learn what your child wants to learn.
  • Learn how to incorporate play into your homeschool day.
  • Understand the ins & outs of child-led learning.
5/ Address the homeschool planning practicalities.
  • Create a morning routine.
  • Create a useful homeschool routine.
  • Learn whether you need to create a homeschool room or storage room.
6/ Clarify your homeschool curriculum choices.

Reimagine your Homeschool Group Coaching

7/ Know how to engage all sorts of typical challenges in a homeschool family.
8/ Be infused with reminders of your homeschool freedoms, comforts, and joys in the ordinary miracle of your homeschool life.
  • Know how to deal with pressure cooker days.
  • Grapple with doubt & overwhelm (and learn tactics to address them).
  • Learn how to use the strategy that will help all our internal challenges.
  • How does Homeschooling Affect Families?
Naturally, discovering the “why” behind your homeschool journey is crucial. It gives purpose and resilience, allowing you to embrace challenges.

From crafting your vision to understanding education beliefs, this holistic approach sets your path apart from traditional schooling. Navigating deschooling, choosing curricula, and adopting different perspectives empower you.

As you show up authentically, creating engaging routines and spaces, remember the value of play and child-led learning. Addressing challenges and fostering growth across different age groups is part of the journey.

In the end, homeschooling is a transformative experience that shapes not just your children’s education but your family’s life as a whole.

My four kids have inspired me and taught me how to Reimagine my Homeschool Life

What does the Reimagine Your Homeschool Group Coaching Program include?

The Group Coaching Program Includes…

  • video sessions addressing all the important elements to reimagine your homeschool
  • access to 8-week online group coaching sessions
  • permanent access to an 8-week course (lifetime access)
  • a printable downloadable journal workbook

Learn more about the Reimagine Your Homeschool Group Coaching Program by sending a message to Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach at teresawiedrick@outlook.com…

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