Planning for your Upcoming Homeschool Year

Here are ten practical (& meta) lessons in planning for your upcoming homeschool.

How do you go about planning for your upcoming homeschool year?

  1. Be realistic. How to do this? Time block your time to discover how much time stuff ACTUALLY takes. And practice being right here now.
  2. Self-Care is a requirement, not an option.
  3. You can influence a child, but you can’t control them.
  4. Academics are not synonymous with an education.
  5. Plan for the “S” question. You’ll have to answer it to infinity and beyond.
  6. Plan for YOU in your homeschool too.
  7. There is no ONE right way to homeschool.
  8. Everthing isn’t always going to go well all the time.
  9. Always work toward fun in your homeschool days.
  10. Above everything, know yourself.

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