How to Influence Your Homeschool with Self-Awareness & Self-Compassion

You can add value to a piece of pottery that’s broken by mending it. And we can add value to ourselves by mending our broken pieces. And it’s the mending of the broken pieces that add value to our individual beauty.

Dustin Eagleston, Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner

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Dustin Eagleston is a graduate from the Dr. TCM program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences and a new mom of an eighteen month old daughter named Charlotte. As a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is Dustin’s goal to be the best leader for her patients, guiding them carefully back to a place of health and balance.

Dustin draws on her vast life skills from travelling, mountain biking, adventure racing, ski mountaineering, backcountry skiing, rock climbing, yoga practicing, and a great passion for everything outdoors. She knows there is not one single approach that works for all needs, so she draws on many modalities including acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary guidance, tui na massage, moxibustion and fire cupping; to tailor the perfect treatment for her patient’s needs.

The biggest thing I can do for myself is be really honest and compassionate with about what I really need? What would be nourishing? Is it actually just giving yourself permission to be tired or to be sad? We as women carry a lot and we are so intuitively self-sacrificing. And that is a great strength, but we also have to look out for ourselves.

I need to have a compassionate, honest relationship with myself. To understand what I “can” do for myself instead of “should” do for myself. To recognize what’s truly nourishing, not simply doing something because I feel I should.

Dustin Eagleston

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