4 ways that essential oils contribute to a healthy homeschool with Kristin Mercer

Kristin Mercer fell in love with Young Living Essential Oils when she saw how much they helped her and her littles find victories in longtime health struggles.

Kristin is now passionate about helping others take steps in their own journeys to wellness.

Kristin Mercer and her family live in Western, NY. She’s actively involved as a tutor in their homeschool co-op, keeps busy with her Young Living business, and volunteers at the coffee bar at her church. 

Kristin Mercer Mercentials

We’re the gatekeepers of our home. Protecting what comes into our home, whether videos, internet access, food, or products that we allow into our home, is our choice.

Kristin Mercer, Homeschool Mama of three & Wellness Advocate

Kristin Mercer’s advice for including essential oils in your homeschool:

  • You get to choose how you encourage wellness in your homeschool family.
  • Work on swapping one healthy choice at a time.
  • Use a quality diffuser that doesn’t leach unhealthy plastic chemicals.
  • Topical essential oils can be used for immune support, respiratory support, and emotional support.
  • Use peppermint for the beginning of your homeschool days as energizers and reminders that studies are about to begin!
  • Use lavender to calm them before they sleep by rolling it on the bottom of the big toe and the spine.
  • The benefits of lavender, peppermint, and oil of oregano.

Check out these resources if you’re looking to learn more about Essential Oils:

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