how to naturally care while homeschooling special needs with Julie Polanco

Julie Polanco is a Master Herbalist, Aromatherapist, author, podcaster, blogger, speaker, and 19-year veteran homeschooling mom of four wiggly, sensitive kids.

Julie had to develop self-care strategies early as she learned how to mother and teach her posse of four special needs kids. She writes about what God taught her and the homeschool philosophy she adopted in her book, God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn.

Julie has dealt with the challenges of physical self-care as she lives with fibromyalgia. Her health led her to develop a deep appreciation and passion for plants. She wants to help others enjoy the benefits of plant medicine, so she shares her herbal and essential oil wisdom on her podcast, Crunchy Christian Podcast.

Julie Polanco-Brow

So let’s chat with Julie Polanco.

I look at their interests, I look at the fact these kids are wiggly, prefer to work hands on, I look at their love languages, and whether they like working independently or not. I meet them where their passions are at.

Julie Brow-Polanco, author, podcaster & speaker

Ultimately, Julie Polanco & I discuss:

  • Julie’s experience letting go of her original homeschool approach in favour of her kids’ needs.
  • Learning to include us (and our interests) in our homeschool.
  • Including a daily quiet hour so you can do your thing.
  • Including time with friends once a week.
  • Why Julie (& her family) chose a plant-based nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Why living naturally enable us (& our families) with healthier bodies & minds.
  • Why it’s important to study botany with your kids.
  • We talk about grounding, foraging, and nature guidebooks.
  • Why intentional unschooling helps kids with learning challenges like ADD, dyslexia, & aspergers.
  • How kids with learning challenges spur us homeschool mamas to personal growth.
  • Why it’s important to get your child assessed if you’re uncertain about their learning challenges.

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