How to Do Unschooling with Robyn Robertson

Robyn is a full-time unschooling mom to two fun-loving kids. She is a mixed heritage kid, who lived and traveled in 7 different countries by the time she was 6 years old.

When she settled back into life in Canada she knew that her early travel experience had given her a viewpoint on life, unlike many others around her. As a mom, she wanted to share that with her growing family.

After years of “dreaming” with her husband to leave the rat race and return to a life of travel and more family time, they decided that waiting “until…” would never happen. They took the plunge. They chose a destination and time limit – 6 months in Jamaica – and said if it didn’t work, they could always return to the life they had been living. But they didn’t!

How to do unschooling with Robyn Robertson

When you’re a home educator, it encompasses your life 24-7, you dream about the projects you’re creating. Home educating becomes all encompassing. Because of that it is so important to take that time for self-care.

Robyn Robertson, Podcaster at Honey I’m Homeschooled the Kids

How to do unschooling?

If you’re wondering how to do unschooling, you’ll want to listen to this episode where I chat with Robyn Robertson, an unschooling mama to two kids and podcast host of Honey, I’m Homeschooling my Kids.

What Robyn and I discussed:

  • How Robyn’s family came to homeschooling and then transitioned to unschooling.
  • That travel helped to clarify how we engaged our homeschool family’s lives.
  • How we see our world and understand ourselves in how we live more purposefully in our homeschool lives.
  • So much of what we teach is modeling, not direct lecture teaching.
  • Robyn’s self-care and self-learning journey as she homeschooled her two kids.
  • Being intentional to find just fifteen minutes alone.
  • Building “separate space” boundaries between ourselves and our kids so we can enjoy our kids.
  • How we are challenged to recognize that we are separate people from our kids.
  • Challenging our internal thought world so we don’t live in self-sabotaging mindsets.

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