Unschool Mothers: Candid Conversation with Virtual Kitchen Table

Erin is a former homeschool mom of four grown adults. She lives in Ontario, Canada, and works in the field of social work, particularly in family facilitation.

As well, Erin enjoys hiking, wildlife, comedy, and music. She co-facilitated an in-person homeschool network for several years and now co-hosts an online community, Unschooling Together. Presently, she offers a small number of private mentorship sessions. 

Erin blogs at www.everlearning.ca and podcasts at the Virtual Kitchen Table.

Let’s chat with Erin from Ever Learning & the Virtual Kitchen Table podcast.

Erin Graham Ever Learning & Virtual Kitchen Table

Ever Learning because we are all always learning. Whether it’s a funny comic strip, an academic article or a practical tip, there’s lots to pass around. Learning is fascinating, useful and fun.

Eclectic Homeschooling because opportunities are everywhere …

We have an eclectic, whole life-learning approach here; collaborative and self-directed (yes, the two can go together!) and pulling from lots of different resources and ideas, depending on where everyone is at and what they are interested in pursuing.

And Beyond because exploring ideas is interesting no matter our age or stage or how we are educated …

Erin Graham, Writer & Mentor at EverLearning & Podcaster at Virtual Kitchen Table

Join Erin & me as we discuss what we’ve learned from our homeschool kids, our homeschool mom experience, and what we observe about our kids’ experience.

Specifically, Erin, the Virtual Table podcaster & I discuss…
  • Her transition into the homeschool life and her experience launching four kids.
  • How the homeschool mom life compels us to continue growing no matter how old our kids are.
  • Her perspective shifts over the years: her beliefs on education
  • Not getting too attached to any routine & not getting resentful towards the constant shifts
  • How we need to be fluid and accepting of our children’s shifting interests and paths
  • How the homeschool families around us do things differently, and they can be useful for us to gather ideas for our kids, but they are not templates for our families
What we’ve learned about ourselves & our homeschool kids…
  • We tire of being asked about our homeschool choice (& soo do our kids).
  • Our kids become more independent because they’re accustomed to having lived outside their boxes.
  • How our kids surprise us with their creativity and industriousness.
  • That our kids can live their lives on purpose from their early days, not after they’re 18 years old.
  • Our kids are less afraid of being afraid to fail because they’re not surrounded by their peers’ scrutiny and school testing and grading.
  • Our kids are more confident because they’re accustomed to being seen or heard.
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