How to Start Your Homeschool Day with Mama Affirmations

We have to think the right thoughts so we can show up in our homeschools with intention.

Here are a few affirmations from one homeschool mama to another…

And here’s how to start your homeschool day in a way that will serve you (& your homeschool kids).

how to start your homeschool day: homeschool mama morning affirmations

How to start your homeschool day with homeschool mama affirmations.

There is no magic sauce to parenting.

Mostly, parenting is learning about oneself through the eyes of our children and adjusting, and readjusting, then adjusting again.

Parenting is considering the real child in front of our real eyes and acknowledging them as a real human with real needs.

  • What do I know about myself?
  • What is my focus in my life?
  • Do I know my triggers?
  • What motivates me?
  • How would I define my emotional climate?
  • What is my vision for my life?
What do I know about my child?
  • His focus?
  • His triggers?
  • Her motivations?
  • Her emotional climate?
  • Their developing vision for their lives?

Parenting is a quest for self-awareness.

There’s no “get it right” in parenting. (Well, there was, but that was before the children were placed in our arms and we actually DID it.)

What “get it right” parenting is: learning about oneself, relearning, retraining, and refashioning oneself to become more authentic, more genuinely loving, and more responsive to real people in front of our real eyes.

These homeschool mama daily affirmations retrain our brains so we can show up in our homeschools with intention, not just because it’s the way we’ve always engaged.

How to start your homeschool day? With real words of truth and encouragement that reflect how you want to show up in your day.

Live, don’t exist.

Life is short. YOLO. Carpe diem. Whatever quip reminds you that your days are bookended by a start and an end, you need to daily remind yourself. Because you better make the most of this day.

Love like you’ll never get hurt.

Show up authentically. Because if you don’t, you won’t really love who you actually are and you won’t receive it inside you either.

And when something is hurting you, acknowledge it, question it, and learn from it. And require others to engage you the same way you want to be engaged. Then love them the same way you want to be loved.

Ambition is overrated; harmony is underrated.

Our culture doesn’t support this notion. I think our culture is wrong.

Live in the present, it’s all you’ve got anyway.

Move past grief and capture each moment. Because here you are. (ps I’m not suggesting you don’t address past challenges that are PRESENTLY tripping you up, but you’ve only got now to LIVE).

Take lots of selfies. Or let the kids take them.

Because they grow up too fast.

Be thankful for every character in your life journey.

I have learned much from each person. Some have been outstanding examples of who I want to be and some are definitely not.

Everyone who has crossed my path has shown me a little of both, in their unique ways. I accept that I do the same in other people’s lives and continue to gracefully accept that I have lots to learn.

But I am most definitely placed in each person’s life on purpose, so I should show up on purpose.

Accept that just cause life ain’t perfect, seemless, fight-free, doesn’t mean I haven’t loved deeply and lived purposefully.

Do what you love with integrity.

I do not waste time doing things I don’t care about and I don’t do something because other people think I should, or because we’ll make lots of money, or because other people think we’re cool.

Cause sometimes people are wrong, and sometimes we might make money, or not, but money is a thing, a useful thing, but just a thing; sometimes we will look cool, and sometimes we will not.

At the end of the day, it is me, and the One that made me, that I have to live with.

Be real, and kind, to everyone, assuming the best of others.

I don’t know the battle they’re fighting, and they might not know mine, but we all are.

I was put on this earth to be me, not someone else. Whatever I am, whoever I am to others, will be reflected back to me…I sow what I reap.

So be real, be kind, and assume the best.

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