Morning Affirmations for Homeschool Mama

Once upon a time, I thought it was hokey to speak morning affirmations to me, the homeschool mama.

If you’re in that camp, I say, just try it in the confines of your room. (No one will know. And you’ll come to understand that hokey it is not).

I’ve come to understand that what I think is what I do. And I want to show up on purpose in my homeschool.

morning affirmations for homeschool mama

So on that thought, I share my morning affirmations for homeschool mama.

These homeschool mama affirmations encourage me to think like the kind of parent I want to be:

I’m a patient and loving parent. I am patient and loving to myself too.

But I’m not bound in any way by my past, or by imperfect parenting that I may have received.

I’m free to decide what kind of parent I will be.

Certainly, I completely and fully forgive my own parents for any pain their own insecurities or unhealed issues might have caused me.

I am guided to the perfect information and resources that I need in each given moment that will help teach and train me to be a better parent.

Every day I am becoming a better person & every day I am becoming a better parent.

I seek to bring all aspects of my life into harmony. The things in my life that are not serving me, I easily and effortlessly move away from them.

I am moving towards and embracing more and more good each day.

Each morning I wake up with gratitude, especially gratitude for being a parent.

I am grateful for each of my children and the opportunities that each of them offers me to become more whole and complete.

…Grateful for those unhealed parts of me that my children sometimes bring out of me because the more I know about myself, the more quickly I can heal and improve.

My home is filled with light and love. I allow this light to flow through me, and in all that, we do together.

And my home is filled with laughter, joy, and celebration.

I know that if I could see each of my children to their fullest potential I would stand in awe. Choosing now, at this moment, I see them this way.

I take time outs whenever I need them to refocus on who I am becoming and to fill my mind and my heart with light.

Keeping my mind firm and focused on what I really want out of each situation is my goal. I know that what I really want is harmony, love, and increasing relationships with each member of my family.

I am preparing my children to become healthy, happy, and capable adults.

Therefore, I choose to see each of my children to their fullest potential and as I do, they begin to see themselves that way.

I focus on the good, the best, and the unique in each of my children, and I am their biggest fan.

Disciplining with love, never out of anger or rage and I follow all discipline with an outpouring of love.

There is never anything that my children could ever do that would make me love them less.

I seek guidance when I need it. And the best information and help come to me effortlessly.

I am the perfect parent for my children, uniquely qualified with what they need most from a parent.

My value and worth as an individual are completely separate from my children’s successes, or failures.

I love being inside my own skin as a loving parent. It is an expression of my deepest and best self.

Because I am committed to my own emotional and physical health, and my healing directly impacts my joy as a parent, I am not a victim of my circumstances. 

I am free to navigate my own course in parenting.

I forgive myself for all of the mistakes I have made as a parent.

Each mistake provides valuable information for my own healing.

Always, I look to great role models as I move forward as a parent.

I look to God, for guidance and direction, knowing that my children are not my own.

Daily, I take time to fill deeply in the wells of truth that surround me.

I am cautious and selective about the materials that I allow into my mind and into my home.

My greatest joys are in the walls of my home. I find pleasure in the little things. And I smile and laugh freely.

Each of my children is unique and one of a kind and I see within them their fullest potential.

I see myself as unique and one of a kind. Therefore, I focus not on my past mistakes, but on what I am becoming. I believe in miracles, and I expect them.”

People often ask…