Intuitively Grow your Fearless Homeschool Flow with Vanessa Wright

Vanessa Wright is a writer and a lover of words, haiku poetry, books (all the books), and journals. As a Beautiful You Life Coach, she works with mothers in midlife to embrace transformation and transition by supporting them to take authentic action towards their goals and dreams. Whether they’re looking to reignite their creative side, feel more energized and confident, or navigate a new season of life, midlife mothers don’t have to go it alone.

She is a published author and was recently included in a collection of women’s essays and stories called This I Know Is True published by the kind press. Her chapter, Intuitively Grow Your Fearless Flow, details her journey to finding FLOW and how other moms can do the same.

Vanessa Wright is a long-time homeschooling mom to three teens. She loves hot tea, taking walks, and eating high-quality dark chocolate every single day.

Are you a mother in midlife looking to create the life you can’t wait to wake up to? If you’re ready to uncover your passions and purpose while mindfully mothering in midlife, you’re in the right place, friend.

Vanessa Wright, Life Coach

In this episode, Vanessa & I discuss:

  • Her story of overwhelm and what helped her get out of that state.
  • An explanation of her F.L.O.W.:
    • Feed your body, mind, and spirit
    • Love yourself and your season of life
    • Own your time and space
    • Weed out what’s not working and welcome something new
  • Her transition beyond her homeschool mom life.
  • Also, her transition into life coaching.
  • The connection between identity formation, boundary building, and creativity.

Discover how to level up your homeschool mom relationships! Nurture stronger connections and create a thriving homeschool journey.

Finally, Vanessa encourages homeschool parents:

  • You don’t need to struggle on your own.
  • This homeschooling thing goes fast.
  • You’re never going have everything figured out.
  • Your kids are never going to know everything.
  • Mental health should always trump your academic focus, especially when you have teenagers.

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