How to Develop Self-Confidence as a Homeschool Mom with Sarah Gorner

Sarah Gorner, of The Happiness Here blog, began homeschooling her three children in 2008.

With two children homeschooling in high school and one attending college now, she has been able to put more time into her blog, The Happiness Here.

We chat about how to develop self-confidence as a homeschool mom with Sarah Gorner.

How to develop self-confidence with Sarah Gorner

If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you really hope to take care of your kids? That is how you can be the best you can be for your kids and set them up to succeed.

Sarah Gorner

Adjusting to transitions in family life & 2020 life:

  • It’s okay to be sad about our limitations.
  • Determine what you can change and what you can do.
  • Be creative in figuring out new solutions to the new challenge of that unexpected transition.
  • How can you make things work?
  • Get into a routine and it’ll get comfortable again.
  • Understand that it’s small gains. Rarely there’s a giant leap in establishing your homeschool and your healthy habits.
  • First, recognize that some days you’re not at your best. We all have our awesome days and our not-so-awesome days, so recognize that those not-so-awesome days aren’t just what’s going on with your kids, but what is going on with you too.

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