Making our Homeschool A Little More Beautiful with Sarah Mackenzie Readaloud Revival Podcast

Sarah Mackenzie is a homeschooling mama of six, Readaloud Revival podcast host, author of Read-aloud Family, Teaching from Rest, and the recently released A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden & Creator of the boutique publishing company, Waxwing Books.

Here’s what Sarah believes: you are the best person to help your kids learn and grow, and home is the best place to fall in love with books.

If you want your kids to fall in love with books, and you want to fall in love with homeschooling, her podcast is for you.

So let’s chat with Sarah Mackenzie, Readaloud Revival Podcast host.

Sarah Mackenzie Readaloud Revival host and author of A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden

We’d shed a lot of our anxiety and we’d have a lot more rest if we realized that our kids are not projects and they’re not a recipe. They’re much bigger than that. There is so much more at stake.

Sarah Mackenzie, Author, Podcaster & Publisher at Readaloud Revival

In this episode, Sarah & I discuss:

  • How her work at Readaloud Revival Podcast helped fuel her joy in her homeschool.
  • How we understand the concept of balance.
  • That our main goal is to always be fully present wherever we are at the time.
  • How & why she created a publishing company.
  • How you can talk about books with your kids that you haven’t read.
  • How to discuss books with teenagers (& not to make them feel quizzed).

Finally, Sarah encourages homeschool parents:

  • Make ten minutes in the middle of the day to read for yourself (& so your kids can see that you’re reading).
  • Start listening to readalouds with your kids.
  • Find something that is a page-turner.

Thank you for the copy of your new book, Sarah Mackenzie!

You can find Sarah & her resources at:

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