Have fun with your homeschool high schoolers teaching literary devices with pop culture

If you’re thinking, what even is a literary device? An abbreviated, succinct version exists here.

And when you sit to watch a few of these videos, include your pop culture-trained teenagers. (You’ll figure it out as quickly as they will).

Literary Devices:



Hyperbole, metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia:

And if you want to understand the basics of literary terms, Mrs. Day will help you.

And call me a sucker for the go-to literary device that rolls off my tongue:




And if you just don’t remember what so many of these terms are yourself, here is an excellent summary of many terms of figurative language.

Other writing things you can teach your homeschool kiddo:

Learning literary devices can be simple, and even fun, enjoying pop culture references that your teenager likely knows (& possibly even you!)

Considering homeschooling your high schooler?