How to Help your Kids Read with Confidence

Shari Jensen is a reading interventionist, consultant, founder of Creatively Breaking Free, and co-founder of Confident Kids Academy. As the instructional coordinator at the Vanderbilt Reading Clinic, Shari taught over 100 tutors to provide reading interventions to struggling readers.

Over the past 30 years, Shari has discovered many effective, creative solutions so that every minute spent on instruction is the most efficient use of time for both parent and child. Her expertise in parenting 3 atypical, rambunctious boys has given her first-hand experience with setting up home systems to help parents navigate ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorders. 

So, let’s chat with Shari Jensen about how to help your kids read with confidence…

Listen to Shari and I discuss more about kids’ reading challenges…

“Confident Kids Academy builds a strong foundation for teaching reading. So whether your child is a toddler getting ready for reading or an upper elementary student with reading gaps, we empower parents with the tools and strategies to teach their children to read by sharing evidence-based practices that have worked for hundreds of kids.  “

Shari Jensen, Reading Interventionist & Co-Founder of Confident Kids Academy

Shari Jensen & I discuss how to help your kids read with confidence:

  • We discuss what we learned about teaching our kids to read.
  • We share our own challenging learning journeys, recognizing that the atmospheres we grow up in influences our confidence and our capacity.
  • There’s a discussion on practical activities that homeschool moms can do to encourage homeschool moms so that we don’t feel frustrated or anxious.

Shari Jensen encourages homeschool moms…

  • Phonics is just one piece of the reading puzzle and it is the piece that our brains are least equipped for, so overemphasizing “sound it out” leaves many kids frustrated.
  • Focus on helping the kids get to see themselves as a reader before you expect them to decode/sound it out.
  • You can use “I can…” books that are an example of how we can get our kids to see themselves as readers even if they don’t know how to sound out a single word. 

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