A 2023 High School Graduate’s Thoughts on her Homeschool Life

Every homeschool kiddo is as unique as their fingerprints. Not one our homeschool kids are the same: they don’t learn the same, they don’t want to connect socially the same, or have the same life path.

Introducing Rachel, our third daughter, is charming and vivacious, quick-witted and clever, the quickest in our family to answer a mental math question, and also the quickest to make fast friends.

On today’s episode, we get to chat with Rachel Wiedrick, a 2023 high school graduate’s thoughts on homeschool life.

high school graduates thoughts on homeschool: Homeschool Mama Self-Care Podcast with Rachel Wiedrick

“I’ve enjoyed homeschooling and public school for different reasons. Homeschooling was good when I was little so I could really grow up in a way and be around siblings and it was a nurturing situation.”

Rachel Wiedrick

So, let’s chat with this high school graduates thoughts on homeschool.

  • We also discuss some of our travel experiences, what it’s like to be a kid in a physician’s family, and what she’s learned from working in hospitality.
  • Rachel shares the benefits of homeschooling and public schooling.
  • We discuss some of the things Rachel has learned over the years (learning to express her emotions and be understood).
  • Rachel shares how she realized she finds value in testing and a structured construct for her education.
  • We learn what Rachel plans to do after she graduates high school.

Ultimately, Rachel encourages homeschool moms…

  • Listen to your child if they want to homeschool or attend school.
  • Testing and scheduled deadlines can be useful (and desired) for this child’s learning approach.
  • A high school social experience can be a beneficial learning opportunity for an extroverted kiddo that likes to mix with lots of people.

You can learn more about how Rachel learned here:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”

Henry David Thoreau

To put your mind at ease and learn more about homeschooling high school:

Teresa Wiedrick

I help overwhelmed homeschool mamas shed what’s not working in their homeschool & life, so they can show up authentically, purposefully, and confidently in their homeschool & life.

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