How to Create an Energizing Homeschool Morning Routine

Have you had a hard time including a homeschool morning routine in your day?

I’m going to share with you how to create an energizing homeschool morning routine, for YOU, homeschool mama.

There might be a few reasons why you haven’t done this already:

  • you’ve been up all night because you have a baby
  • you’ve had young kids for a good long time
  • you use those last dregs in the night for Netflix or You Time because you’ve had a demanding day with a bunch of kids (that you birthed and you also decided to educate)
  • you weren’t a morning person before you homeschooled
  • you don’t see the value of morning, since even if your body is awake, you know your mind isn’t awake
  • or you fill-in-the-blank
Motherhood is a demanding profession. Homeschool mothering is a whole lot more demanding. Fa sure.

Maybe you don’t even want a morning routine.

I didn’t either early in my homeschool years.

In fact, my oldest two kids would tell you they sometimes brought me a coffee to wake me up, because I was most definitely not a morning person.

So I get that there is a time and season that might be difficult to create a morning routine, but I’ll share with you why I think it’s highly valuable in your homeschool mama life, even if you just attempt it.

homeschool morning routine for greater satisfaction and peace

Long-term longevity. That’s your reason. If you want to homeschool in the long term, you need to find time by yourself, for yourself, every single day.

The sweetness of those few moments in the morning is bliss.

(Note to self: I wouldn’t have been able to do a morning routine with consistency if I had little kids. But I presently don’t have little kids, so I can do whatever works for me. Yet, I still would have worked toward creating a morning routine because kids grow up and our habits grow along with us.)

What could you include to reinvigorate you each morning?

We all do different things because different things serve us.

So tell me about you.

  • Coffee or tea? I’m a coffee girl in the morning.
  • Do you like to read in the morning? I listen to Audible as I open the goat and chicken barns.
  • Pray?
  • Meditate?
  • Stretch out or do a little yoga?
  • Just sit outside and watch the birds? (I sit on the patio in the summer after I’ve opened the chicken coop and let the goats out of their barn.)
  • Journal? (I’ve been doing this since I was 7).

We all find different things energizing.

I include a gratitude practice.

Oprah taught me in the 1980s to create a gratitude practice.

How to include a gratitude practice in your homeschool morning routine to keep you motivated?

I shift my journal priorities and remind myself what I am grateful for instead of trying to force through my early January resolutions.

The practice of journaling my gratitude each morning in a simple notebook doesn’t seem all that remarkable.

(What is remarkable is actually getting to it, writing in it, and getting downstairs without being interrupted.)

So instead of jumping out of my bed with the kid noise coming from the kitchen or jumping out of the bed because I’ve got six hundred and fifty-seven things on my To-Do list, I’m supposed to sit with a notebook and pen and write my gratitudes?

I, a busy homeschool mama, with a busy household of busy kids, am supposed to stop and write my homeschool gratitudes?


Do that.

As many mornings as you can.

Think of it as a practice in mindset.
  • You want to enjoy your homeschool existence.
  • And you want to enjoy your homeschool kids while you’ve got them.
  • You want to create memories that’ll last beyond a scrapbook, a digital file of photos, or a jammed iCloud.
This morning’s practice sets you to think your thoughts in a way that you WANT to think your thoughts: by focusing on the good stuff and living gratefully.

flowers grass meadow time: homeschool morning routine

Why aren’t you able to include yourself in your routine (& what you can do about it)?

Time is usually the answer. (If it’s not, leave a comment below and tell me why).

Perhaps your day just flows from crawling out of bed (with or without a child or two) or you’re being greeted by a kid with a cup of coffee.

You’ve got kids and it’s hard to prioritize yourself. I get that.

As I said earlier though, your kids will continue to grow, so you need to work on your daily habits so that when you do have more time, you will be intentional with your time now. You haven’t prioritized yourself.

Practice prioritizing yourself now.

homeschool morning routine with a journal and a cuppa coffee

You can reimagine your daily existence.

Instead of trying to fit everything into your world: you can determine to include what you want to include.

So tell me, what do you want to include in your day-to-day?

These affirmations help me remember what I’m all about, why I chose to be a parent, and what my intentions are in my homeschool life.

woman holding a book: homeschool morning routine

One of the most important things we can do is set our day with intentional energy and thoughts.

Create a morning routine for us, homeschool moms, to get kick-started before the kids are awake.

Yeah, I know that is a real challenge if you have young kids. It might not even be realistic, but it is still the goal.

So does that mean you have to get up at 4:00 am?

No, I am not suggesting that. I would never have done that myself.

My kids would laugh if I even suggested that to you.

Still, the goal is to be up before the kids are awake, especially the younger ones, so you can set your day with intention.
  • I start the day with a cup of coffee and milk.
  • As I live in the northern hemisphere, I use a UV light in the morning for about 15 minutes.
  • At the same time, I read my daily morning mama affirmations. This helps us set our minds thinking about the things we want in our homeschool and how we want to engage our children.
There’s no magic bullet in reading daily affirmations, but it does set our minds on the right things. Praying and meditating with intention and asking God for help strengthen my resolve and clarity.

Daily meditation practice and, of course, journaling.

I have been journaling since about Grade Two. (I didn’t have much to say then, so I wrote, I woke up, I made my bed, and I brushed my teeth for about the first five years.)

And though it was simple, it has been a powerful tool that helps me understand how I’m feeling and what I want to accomplish in my day.

focused young woman writing agenda in diary: homeschool morning routine

Create a morning routine with the kids.

In the morning, we do a lovingkindness meditation and a little stretching or yoga moves and read a chapter of Tom Sawyer.

Then everyone grabs their studies, heads to a different part of the house, and hunkers down with their writing projects, math workbooks, ASL online class, or Latin study books, and we work until lunchtime.

Get active exercise every day.

Just fifteen minutes. Sleep issues decrease, anxiety levels decrease, and tension is released: stuff we definitely need.

woman wearing white sleeveless top

Journaling is a powerful tool to start your morning.

I also write three focus words at the top of my journal.

This year I wrote: encourage, expand, and invite.

(And if you come over for a cup of coffee, I will tell you why I chose those words. They all relate to relationships, my work, or my intention for this period of my life.)

Choosing focus words sets our mind to approach our day and activities the way we want to.

First and foremost, set up your day with an intentional morning routine.

So are you ready to create an energizing morning routine just for YOU, homeschool Mama?

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