The free Homeschool Mom Retreat Planner to Simplify your Time

A homeschool mom retreat sounds amazing! But I can barely find time alone to do my errands each week without the kids, so HOW am I going to find time for a weekend retreat?

You gotta plan, of course! Or I can plan for you. (And that’s exactly what I’ve done).

I’ve created a Homeschool Mom Retreat Planner that will help you organize all the things…

Download your FREE Homeschool Mom Retreat Planner here

What’s inside the Homeschool Mom Retreat Planner?

Inside the Homeschool Mom Retreat Planner, you’ll find pages to organize all your thoughts, intentions, and goals for your homeschool mom retreat.

The Planner will help you simplify and clarify your very rare time away from your homeschool family.

7 Journal prompts to clarify the theme and intention behind your retreat.
  1. What do you need to retreat from & why do you need a retreat?
  2. What unhelpful mindsets are interfering with homeschool satisfaction?
  3. How do you presently describe your homeschool vision?
  4. What is your present plan to address your big emotions when they arise?
  5. How do you want to show up in your homeschool (& life)?
  6. Share the self-care strategies that serve you (& the ones you’d like to learn).
  7. Who are you beyond homeschool mama & how do you nurture that?
Naturally, you’ll find a Retreat Planning page that includes all the details: the date, time, location, theme, budget, schedule, and to-do list.

(Especially if you’re arranging a weekend retreat for you and your homeschool mom friends).

A Daily Planner page that includes space to determine your daily activities.
  • a space to determine your meals,
  • your fluid intake,
  • daily schedule by hour,
  • daily priorities,
  • and even a space for you to brain dump the activities you need to do when you return home.
Of course, you’ll also find a dedicated Retreat Menu Planner…

…if you get to book a retreat space, like an AirBNB in a town away from your town or a condo in a city you can reconnect with old friends.

How could you have a retreat without Morning & Evening Journal Prompts?

…for you to organize your introspective moments, to create a space where you can share all your feelings and thoughts as you retreat from your homeschool mom life.

A To-Do List page that’s reproduceable and a Packing Checklist so you won’t need to pre-think a thing!

There’s even a monthly calendar so you can determine which weekends each year you’re going to dedicate

So, check out the Homeschool Mom Retreat Journal Prompts below.

Retreat Journal Prompts for Homeschool Moms

Remember, planning a retreat is an essential part of self-care for homeschool moms.

It allows you to take a break and recharge, which will help you return to your homeschool routine with renewed energy and focus.

You can plan a successful retreat, prioritize your mental and physical health, renew your homeschool vision, address your unhelpful homeschool mindsets, and return your family fresh and renewed.

Remember, taking care of yourself is crucial to taking care of your family: you need to nurture the nurturer.

Spring Retreat Planner 2023 for Homeschool Moms

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