Homeschooling Little Kids & Taking Care of Yourself with Isis Loran

Isis Loran is the creator of Nature Homeschool and homeschool mama to four kids under ten in the West Kootenays of British Columbia.

Isis Loran‘s family spends a lot of time in nature because her family also homesteads.

This is her fifth year homeschooling and she writes at

And in this episode, we speak about how to homeschool little kids with Isis Loran.

isis loran podcast nature homeschool: how to homeschool little kids

“I would say try to relax a little on the homeschooling perfection because that stress itself is going to make you need more self-care balance. And then just to try and make it a priority because life is going to get so busy. And if you don’t write it down, I feel like it doesn’t happen.

Isis Loran, owner of Nature Homeschool

Isis and I discuss:

  • We talk all about how to homeschool little kids.
  • We talk about the desire to work at home but also the desire to homeschool.
  • How challenging it is to get good sleep with littles in the house and how challenging it is to get quiet and calm in our own home.
  • How to create a primary income and also homeschool.

Isis encourages homeschool moms:

You can find Isis online at:

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