If you’re dealing with post-partum overwhelm in your homeschool…

If you’re dealing with post-partum overwhelm in your homeschool, I have a story to share.

Hard to believe that someone so pretty, our third baby, a baby who hardly cried, slept through the night by 3-4 months, loved sitting on daddy’s lap while daddy studied federal election results, had a mama that felt overwhelmed.

This is my story of post-partum overwhelm in my homeschool.

Somewhere after this cutie was a few weeks old, my husband suggested I might not just be “normal” overwhelmed, I might be experiencing post-partum depression. (I was a post-partum nurse pre-mothering, so I taught moms about these challenges before moms left with their babies from the hospital.)

post-partum overwhelm in your homeschool

I sure didn’t see it in myself tho.

Not even when I cried at the drop of a hat. (That was normal, right?)

Not even when I’d lose my temper with my other two girls over inconsequential stuff. (Normal too, right?)

Not even when I wanted to sleep all day. (Cause this was my third baby in 4 years after 3 years of night shifts in L&D, so I surely was sleep-deprived, right?)

I was getting more sleep than I had with my older babies. I had a high school student helping me clean the house.

And yet…

I was still not coping.

I would discover within a few weeks that antidepressants have their place.

Unquestionably, there was a shift in my emotional wherewithal. (Gradually. Not immediately.)

Journaling for the Overwhelmed Homeschool Mama…

It was a tool, not a magic potion.

I still needed therapy. Not just because I was overwhelmed with babies/hormones/lack of sleep. But because I had a whole lotta other stuff unresolved in my life.

I’ve seen in myself and a whole lotta other people that there’s never a “one and done” approach to depression or overwhelm.

That first step was profoundly useful.

A first step. The hardest step. The step declared: “I have an issue.”

(See? Definitely the hardest step).

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