Bust Confusing Homeschool Myths with Alison Morrow

Former classroom educator Alison Morrow has homeschooled her own children, now 13 and 15, and helps us bust homeschool myths.

She has helped hundreds of families launch their homeschools or find clarity and confidence in the journeys they’ve already started through a “less is more” homeschool mindset.

Alison Morrow lives in Texas with her husband and daughters but helps families all over the world bust homeschool myths through GoodSchooling.net. 

Bust homeschool myths with Allison Morrow

Is what I want for them realistic? Is what I want for them in their best interest? What does this human being, sitting in front of me, need?

Alison Morrow, Creator at GoodSchooling

Together, Alison & I bust homeschool myths:

  • How did her teaching experience set her up to want to homeschool, not put her kids into school?
  • How new homeschoolers tend to trial and error new things.
  • How to build a confident homeschool approach right from the beginning.
  • The necessity to deschool your mindset.
  • Who your actual child is should be the primary focus of your home education.
  • How our understanding of what education is and how it occurs influences our level of homeschool-related stress, overwhelm, and confusion.
  • How deschooling helps us to form a less complicated concept of education and can put us on the path to “less is more” homeschooling.
  • How “less is more” homeschooling can make more time and space for margin in one’s schedule and self-care.

Alison encourages homeschool parents:

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