How to Do Geography in your Homeschool in a Child-Directed Way

How do you incorporate geography in your homeschool?

Loosely. With intention to playing. Fun is the operative. No serious allowed.

So how do you incorporate geography in your homeschool in a child-directed way?

Here are a few ideas you can use for geography study in your homeschool.

Any time you come across a new country or location in a readaloud or in a current affairs discussion find it on a map, watch a YouTube video, or consider any of these ideas for your homeschool geography study.

But do these four things in your homeschool geography study:

  • Any discussion on a country, location, or people group is a discussion on geography.
  • Do study on the places you’re most curious about.
  • Find resources at libraries, garage sales, and in your homeschool friends’ libraries.
  • Get out your homeschool inspiration book and jot down any resources or ideas that you might like to use in the upcoming homeschool year.

    how to do homeschool geography in an unschooled way

    Recognize geography ideas in your homeschool history study:

    Learn how to engage your kids in a fun way.

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