The Podcast for Homeschool Moms who want to Nurture the Nurturer, YOU!

What will you hear on Season #1 of the Homeschool Mama Self-Care Podcast?

This season is dedicated to the homeschool mom who wants to address her needs and interests outside her homeschool mom life, plan for her emotional challenges, and learn from homeschool mom podcasters and homeschool mom coaches.

If you’d like your homeschool life to be more satisfying, to know how to plan for it confidently, to be clear when you’re doing it good enough, to know how to address your emotional challenges, and learn from influential homeschool mom podcasters and coaches, then listen to season #1 of this podcast for homeschool moms, the Homeschool Mama Self-Care podcast.

In season #1 of this podcast for homeschool moms, the Homeschool Mama Self-Care podcast, I offer you a season of ideas to dig deep into what matters most so you can nurture the nurturer.

I introduce myself to you in the very first podcast episode here (& why I chose to homeschool).

In this inaugural season of the Homeschool Mama Self-Care podcast, I offer you numerous conversations with real homeschool mamas who are living the life, who want to live in joy and satisfaction, despite their challenges, who want to eke out space to continue to develop themselves and learn from those who have gone before.

Planning for YOUR big emotions in your homeschool life:

  1. Grow your Confidence & Banish Burnout with Kara S. Anderson
  2. How to Deal with an Unhappy Homeschool Day
  3. How to Journal to Process Stress, Anxiety & Trauma with Nicolle Nattrass
  4. How to Deal with our Traumas as Homeschool Parents
  5. Thriving, not just Surviving Homeschool after Pregnancy & with Toddlers
  6. How to Use Non-Violent Communication in our Homeschools
  7. How to Help Homeschool Mom when she’s Frustrated
  8. How to Tackle Unhealthy Habits and Bring Health to the Homeschool Mama
  9. How to Show Up Better in Your Homeschool with a Retreat
  10. How to Influence Your Homeschool with Self-Awareness
  11. How to Deal with Anger in Your Homeschool with Judy Arnall
  12. How to Survive the Pandemic when you Homeschool
  13. How to Incorporate Ten Self-Care Tips for Homeschool Moms
  14. How to Develop Self-Confidence as a Homeschool Mom with Sarah Gorner

Big Emotions Checklist for Homeschool Moms

Addressing our needs for interests and space outside our homeschool mom life:

  1. Include Homeschool Mama Affirmations in your Morning Routine
  2. How to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom, Stay Inspired, Develop You & Hang with the Kids Every Day
  3. How to Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs in Your Homeschool with Gabe Cox
  4. Introducing the 12-Day Self-Care Strategies for Homeschool Mom
  5. Exploring Your Identity with Pat Fenner
  6. Incorporate your Interests in your Homeschool with Kimberly Charron
  7. How to Homeschool while Single Parenting & Sanity with Sarah Wall
  8. How Changing your Perspective Shifts your Homeschool with Sarah Scott
  9. How to Get Quiet Time as a Homeschool Mom with Rachel Le
  10. How to Be at Ease in your Homeschool During a Pandemic with Lynda Puleio
  11. The Myth of Homeschool Balance with Lisa Marie Fletcher
  12. Homeschool Mama, Are You Living a Life Worth Living, Today?
  13. Building Boundaries and Requiring Time Outs with Stacy Wilson
  14. How Understanding Ourselves Affects our Homeschools with Robyn Robertson
  15. Homeschooling Little Kids & Taking Care of Yourself with Isis Loran

Self-Compassion for homeschool mom life

Learning from homeschool mom podcasters and homeschool mom coaches:

  1. How to Address Doubt in your Homeschool Choice with Confidence
  2. If You’re Planning for your Homeschool Year: 10 Lessons in 10 Years
  3. Wise Advice for High School Homeschoolers with Vicki Tillman
  4. How Homeschooling Requires us to Face our Shortcomings
  5. How to Create a Simple Homeschool Routine with Kelly Briggs
  6. What is an education anyway? You get to decide how to homeschool.
  7. Building Connection with Tamara Strijack of the Neufeld Institute
  8. a Perspective Shift on the Art and Science of an Education
  9. How to Homeschool & Find Your Thing with Julie Bogart
  10. Create a Love of Learning, No Matter the Learning Challenges with Diane Geerlinks
  11. Encouraging Words for Homeschool Mom
  12. How to Be Conscious in Your Homeschool with Erica Kesilman
  13. Creating Learning Opportunities, not Recreating School Subjects
  14. Looking at Self-Care from 30 Years of Homeschooling with Bonnie Landry
  15. 7 Things I’ve Learned about Structuring a Grade 1 Homeschool Curriculum
  16. How to Take Care of the Homeschool Mama’s (& the Homeschool Kids’) Six Selves
  17. How to Work from home While Homeschooling with Meaghan Jackson
  18. taking stock: your past year in review & planning for your new homeschool year ahead
  19. How to successfully balance working from home while homeschooling

And special interviews with three of my favourite people ever:
  1. Homeschool Teens Perspective: How to Homeschool High School
  2. A Homeschool Dad’s Thoughts on How to Engage in your Homeschool
  3. The Not So Big Life with Sarah Susanka

I hope you enjoy Season #1 as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you (in my closet, where most homeschool moms podcast;).

Leave a comment below and let me know about you and your homeschool story.

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