Homeschool Support for Parents who want to Homeschool Purposefully

We often choose to homeschool because the lifestyle is filled with freedom. But we soon discover that homeschooling has plenty of challenges too.

When we decide to homeschool, we join a group of independent, freedom-minded folk: we’re able to provide an individualized education infused with our family values and equip our kids to live their lives on purpose, authentically, and confidently too.

During our homeschool years, we learn a ton about what we didn’t learn when we were in school (who really gets the best education in anyway? It’s likely you, mama).

We also learn that many of our schooled notions don’t serve our homeschooled kids.

Sometimes, we learn we have unrealistic expectations, we’re challenged to deal with stress & overwhelm, we discover we have anger issues, and we can nearly burnout because we haven’t dealt without needs or boundaries.

That’s why I offer homeschool support for parents.

I offer homeschool support for parents, so they can homeschool authentically, confidently, and purposefully.

Do you need support? You can be supported beyond your direct homeschool challenges too.

(Although I love chatting deschool, and clarifying your homeschool vision & intentions too, there are other things we might need someone to walk alongside us.)

So, stuff happens in life: like heartbreak, heartache, fatigue, post-partum depression, a significant move, a new baby, or even seasonal affective disorder.
  • Sometimes we just need someone to bounce off an idea or plan for a new venture.
  • Sometimes we need to get a little clarity about our intentions in a relationship dynamic.
  • Or sometimes we need to get clarity in discovering who we are, why we’re here, and the next step in this season of our lives.
  • And most of the time, we need someone to help us clarify our big emotions and triggers for our homeschooled kids.
That’s why I’m here: I offer life coaching for the homeschool mama.

So if you’re curious, join me in a free coaching consultation so we can establish if we have a rapport and clarify your present challenge.

Homeschool support for parents: Introducing Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach at

If you’re a new homeschooler, I have a podcast season (& other resources) dedicated to you.

homeschool support for parents like new homeschool mamas

However, if you’re an overwhelmed homeschool mama, I have a podcast season (& other resources) dedicated just to you.

Overwhelmed homeschool mom needs homeschool support

Or when you’re trying to deschool in your homeschool.

Deschool your homeschool: homeschool support for parents

When you’re challenged by anger, frustration, guilt, or failure in your homeschool.

Homeschool help for parents

If you’re looking to build your boundaries in your homeschool and life, and continue to develop you, I have resources for you too.

Homeschool resources for parents

Here are resources designed for you, homeschool mama.

It’s the mamas that are driving, coordinating, managing a house, helping small children, and teaching lessons.

By the end of the day, mama is tired, and she hasn’t been hanging out with friends.
She’s tired enough that she doesn’t feel like asking a friend for coffee or a chat.

Mama would rather get into her PJs after a nice hot bath, sliding into bed with Netflix or a book, a bowl of potato chips, and a gin and tonic (this might be lifted from real life).

It’s not the homeschooled child’s socialization that the general public should be concerned about.

Sometimes, lost in her homeschool world, mama remembers she hasn’t talked to an adult all day, possibly not all week, except for superficial conversations with grocery clerks, post office people, the dance, or the violin teacher.

When dad comes home, if a dad comes home, mama wants to talk. And mama has a lot to talk about. Even if dad has spent all day talking. A solid partnering relationship can certainly be part of healthy socialization for mama.

However, it’s not all she needs, and it is a heavy need to satisfy.

Building relationships and connections take work and require a lot of conjuring to step outside the mama role and build friendships for the sake of her own well-being.

crop friends stacking hands together: patreon support group

So, how to build and create a community as a homeschool mom? Be the community you want to see!

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Teresa Wiedrick

I help overwhelmed homeschool mamas shed what’s not working in their homeschool & life, so they can show up authentically, purposefully, and confidently in their homeschool & life.