a Letter to My Homeschool High School Daughter

This is a letter to my homeschool high school daughter who is on the cusp of graduation.

Dear Madelyn, here I sit with Poppy at my right side, Clover and Thistle sitting at my left, licking out the grain pail, writing my first letter to you…

As Madelyn graduates from homeschool high school, I share a letter to my homeschool high school daughter from home.

A letter to my homeschool high school daughter, Madelyn

Just as in the first year of your life, I am now available day and night, now go conquer your world.

xoxo Mom

I share a letter to my homeschool high school daughter after the first week she left for college.

No one tells you how emotionally challenging it is when your child leaves home for the first time.

Kinda like birthing your child into the world.

Except there’s no physical labour. Nor is there any baby shower.

But there are sleepless nights.

There are many moments I came to realize that I was theoretically planning to raise a child, so they could be raised, not just stay in my home for the rest of their days.

(Though I might consider that an option now that they are leaving home.)

When they leave for the first time, there’s a flood of emotions. Thus, my first letter to my homeschool high school daughter.

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