How my story of deschooling brought more freedom & purpose

Over my years of mothering and homeschooling four kids, I gradually learned to deschool. 

FYI that term, deschool, wasn’t even a WORD when I began homeschooling, so I would have described the experience with a different language.

If you’ve heard me share my story before, you might have heard me say that I was done homeschooling in a way that was self-torturing (requiring my kids to sit still, be quiet, and open their baby brain beaks widely so mama force feeds them an education).

my story of deschooling our homeschool

This is my story of deschooling.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I really did feel like my version of school-at-home was just force-feeding my baby birdies.

A little bit more about my story of deschooling…

If someone could have walked alongside me, challenged my notions of what an education was anyway, and helped me get clear on whether my approach was actually working for me and my kids, I would have enjoyed my homeschool a whole lot more.

I also would not have felt like I was pushing a boulder uphill (aka four kids), and I would have been at ease and peace as we followed our path and as I trusted myself and my kids more.

Now, I did figure all this out, but I figured it out the hard way. 

It took a whole lot of boulder-pushing, frustration, and hitting the wall of my own unrealistic realistic expectations with my kids when I told them to “sit still, be quiet and open their baby brain beaks.” 

(Not a direct quote, but you get the idea…)

When I did learn to let go (after I read John Taylor-Gatto, thanks John!) and with a whole lot of trial and error AND a whole lot of contemplation about what unhelpful mindsets I might not want to be thinking anymore, I discovered that I had a homeschool lifestyle accompanied by a whole lot more freedom, purpose and individualization.

Deschool your Homeschool to Reimagine your Homeschool Life…

My story of deschooling brought us a whole lot more freedom and purpose.

I’ve been writing about how to deschool your homeschool if you want to make your journey easier, more purposeful, and freer too.

the wiedrick family learned to deschool their homeschool

You can reimagine your homeschool life too!

You can use the Deschool your Homeschool Checklist for more freedom, individualization, and purpose in your homeschool too.

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