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Top up your cuppa something, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a chat with Sarah, from Sarah on Purpose…
What have you learned about your kids’ learning styles this past year?
This year I learned that my children need me much less so I give them an assignment and let them go, more than in previous years. They need me to be more hands on during school time.
What have you have learned about yourself this last homeschool year?
I am really quite happy to be working on projects and school work along side my kiddos. I have also learned that multi-tasking while doing school creates stress for me so I am trying to focus on just school when school is happening.
What is the study routine that works for your kiddos?
As of June our routine was Math, Lapbook Novel Study, Science or Social Studies depending on what we are working on at the time and Art on Fridays.
What is a favourite new book or curriculum you’ve used with your kids?
We are, for sure, a lapbook family. I find a lot of my resources at Confessions of a Homeschooler and Teachers Pay Teachers. We also love audiobooks. Some favorites are: The Mysterious Benedict Society, Holes, and most recently Inkheart.
What do you do for you or do outside of your kids that is just you?
I read and blog and go out for coffee. Occasionally, I take up some sort of exercise.
What do you most fight about with your kids? And how have you learned to handle it?
The thing I probably fight with my kids about most is chores. I have honestly not found a good way to get my children to unload the dishwasher without it turning into a theatrical presentation/ game of chase/ wrestling match.
What do you do every day that helps you be the best homeschool mom you can be?
Creating practices of self-care are becoming more and more essential. This looks like getting up earlier (which is a huge struggle for me), spending time writing and making sure I am somewhat dressed and put together for the day.
Things you’ve learned about your daily routine this year that you’re going to change for next year:
Next year I want to have more fitness in our routine. Possibly starting our day with a walk or something. I have been learning a little bit about how exercise effects the brain and I want to cash in on creating new brain cells in the hippocampus.
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Sarah Scott
Sarah Scott is a homeschool mom of 3 smart cookies and wife to a foxy geek. She writes at Sarah On Purpose. A site about intentional living, kindness, mothering, and minimalism.