Confidently Homeschool Differently-Wired Kids with Colleen Kessler

Colleen Kessler provides online homeschool and parent coaching to help you feel confident as you parent your differently-wired kiddo and bring peace back to your family. 

Colleen has a master’s degree in gifted education and spent over ten years as a gifted intervention specialist advocating for the bright {and often misunderstood} children with whom she worked. She left classroom teaching in 2007 to write full-time.

She is a gifted specialist, educational consultant, authorspeaker, and homeschool mom of four gifted/twice-exceptional kids.

Now that she homeschools her own gifted children, Colleen Kessler, podcaster at Raising Lifelong Learners, continues to advocate for the needs of gifted children everywhere. 

Colleen Kessler Raising Lifelong Learners podcast

Parents know their kids best and they need to trust their gut.

Colleen Kessler, Creator, Coach & Podcaster at Raising Lifelong Learners

Colleen & I discuss:

  • What is a twice-exceptional classification?
  • What are quirks you would see in twice-exceptional kids?
  • Should we determine our child’s learning styles?
  • Is a parent capable to address a kiddo with a learning challenge or twice exceptional?

Colleen encourages homeschool parents:

  • If you have a quirky kid of any form, it doesn’t matter where they are educationally, you’ll always feel like they’re missing something.
  • The best place for them is with you: no one can love them more than you, and no one has their best interest in mind more than you.
  • You can do this! There’s nobody that loves your kid as you do, there’s nobody that loves your kiddos as you do, there’s nobody that will tailor their education as you will.
  • Even if you worry, don’t let your doubts get in your way because you don’t ever have to do it alone.

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Watch for my latest book coming in November 2020 from Ulysses Press: Raising Resilient Sons: A Boy Mom’s Guide to Building a Strong, Confident, and Emotionally Intelligent Family

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