Can I homeschool my child confidently?

Do you wonder if you’ll ever be confident in your homeschooling choice?

From one homeschool mama to another, I’ll tell you: it doesn’t just happen.

But you will undoubtedly 😉 question your homeschool choice in many different directions before you finally decide you’ve had enough doubting your homeschool choice. So, can I homeschool my child confidently?

So what’s a homeschool mama to do to be confident so she knows she can homeschool?

doubting my homeschool mama self

First, own your real thoughts.

Be honest about the reasons for your doubt. Why do you wonder if you can homeschool your child?

Why do you think you can’t homeschool?
Sometimes there’s an energy beneath that doubt that feels kinda vague.

But we generally know that that feeling, that energy coursing through our bodies, or the heat coursing through our palms or gut, is probably anxiety, worry, or doubt.

And we can only get to its root if we can name it.

So what is the reason for your doubt?

  • Get specific, write it down, and look at it.
  • Is that all there is to your doubt?
  • Or are there more reasons for your doubt?

So now that you’ve written your doubts on paper, how would you address a friend who was experiencing the same thing?

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Second, be vulnerable about your reasons with someone, Why can’t you homeschool confidently?

But do it with someone you believe to be “homeschool-supportive“. Cause why reveal your deepest, darkest concerns to someone that won’t know how to support you?

(You know they’ll just tell you to send the kids to school: a magical pill for the homeschool masses.)

If you don’t have a homeschool-supportive community I offer you that too.

If you want to chat about your homeschool doubts and have someone walk alongside you as you explore them, to help undergird your homeschool confidence, connect with me.

I’ve also created a Patreon community of authentic, intentional homeschool mamas who want to show up on purpose in their homeschools and lives. Come check it out!

You can share your vulnerabilities with others who know your experience. And after you’ve aired your thoughts, you’ll discover that you’ll get clearer on what that challenge is in the first place.

homeschool mama connections with other homeschool mamas

Third, recognize when you’re paying attention to someone’s thoughts about your choices.

Sometimes other people’s thoughts have value. Just because someone thinks differently than you doesn’t mean you can’t learn from that perspective or have greater clarity in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Sometimes other people’s thoughts can help us get clear about our thoughts on something we might not have been certain about, even if their arguments are not true. (Sometimes, especially when they’re untrue).

One of the most repeated voices that distract us is the collective voice of what others might think.

As a television actress, Lucille Ball had plenty of practice responding to other people’s opinions, and she learned, “Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters“.

So can you confidently homeschool? The transition from a schooled mindset to a confident homeschool mindset doesn’t just happen with a step into the homeschool world.

ps Read these homeschool mama affirmations to help shape how you think too.

pss You’re welcome to connect with the Homeschool Life Coach.

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