if you’re getting started homesteading in any home

Want to know if you’re cut out as a homesteader?

These hints will help you determine if homesteading is for you:

  • You roam the countryside gathering ideas for your ideal plot of land.
  • You’ve got a raw plot of land and you can see what it’ll be…someday.
  • You read and research chickens.
  • You’ve got chickens, but there is always room for another chicken.
  • Outdoors is just another room in your home.
  • You believe all food scraps are useful for the garden.
  • You know that anything that can be foraged should be foraged. Which can also reduce the grocery bill and most green things were meant to be eaten anyways.
  • You own work/outdoor clothes, and there are more of them than dress-up clothes.
  • You know the names of trees and how quickly each burns in a wood burning fireplace.
  • You have trees orange taped and up for the chopping block.
  • You have plans for a woodshed.
  • You’d rather not consume berries, eggs or produce that is perfectly uniform and lacking bugs and dirt.
  • You can identify outdoor sounds like a neighbour dog barking at yours across the river. Of a whiny bald eagle pair. Of a honking geese community. Of twittering robins. And knocking woodpeckers.
  • You know the sky: the clouds that say a beautiful summer day, the clouds that speak of a brewing storm, or an overcast day that brings no rain.
  • You approach commercial kitchens and fish shops for scraps: compost & fertilizer for your garden.
  • And the most likely sign that you already are a homesteader: the state of your feet. Enough said.

And you know you’re a modern homesteader when you’re on YouTube and the internet to learn all that homesteading jazz that you DIDN’T get taught as a child from suburbia…

Here are my favourite resources:

  1. Blogs I love:
  2. Hello Homestead
  3. Better Hens and Gardens (aka Bramblestone Farms)
  4. Community Chickens
  5. The Prairie Homestead
  6. Attainable Sustainable
  7. Fresh Eggs Daily
  • Books I love:
  • The Prairie Homestead by Jill Winger
  • Groundbreaking Food Gardens by Niki Jabbour
  • Recipe Books I love:
  • The Prairie Homestead by Jill Winger
  • Mennonite Girls Can Cook by Herald Press
  • The Canning Kitchen by Amy Bronee
  • Love & Lemons Cookbook by Jeanine Donofriothe
  • Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon
  • The All New Purity Cookbook: A Complete Book of Canadian Cooking

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