It’s the Simple Things: Make Simplicity a Thing in Your Homeschool

Here are four things you need to consider when beginning homeschooling:

how to make a simple homeschool

WHY make homeschool simple?

Cause you got no time for unpleasantries. Complexity ain’t fun.

1. Don’t overthink it. Homeschooling ain’t that hard. No, it’s not. No really, it’s not. (Parenting can be hard if you hold tightly to…anything you originally planned…) But homeschooling is all about letting your kid do their thang, learn their thing, grow into who they were meant to be. Enjoy your homeschool. Create learning opportunities. But let the child lead.

2. What are the things you want to include in your homeschool? You get to include THAT!

3. Include the pretty things. Take the photos put together photo books. Get an Instagram account. (Yes, I’m saying it!) Relish the beauty. Archive your homeschool life so you can look back and remember the perfect moments. (The challenging ones replay easily in one’s mind).

4. Share your stuff. With others. Like books, clothes, games, Tupperware–all the stuff that you don’t really need anymore. Someone else wants them. You are spending too much time taking care of them.

5. Share other people’s stuff, ha. Exchange books, games & curriculum. Other people have stuff you want, so don’t buy all the stuff.

6. Keep what you use. Only what you actually use (and stuff you want to remember too). No judgment on what you keep because we all use different stuff and value different stuff. Less stuff=less work organizing the stuff.

7. Include the fun. If you’re not a natural at fun (like me), then practice practice practice having FUN.

What would you add to the list of simplifying your homeschool?

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