writing to become your genuine self: 3 reasons why you should write

“That’s exactly what writing is: to be able to duplicate our original mind on paper, with all its odd, kinky turns. Writing is about getting close to our genuine selves and the authentic way we see. Barbara got this–it took her a long time on her own arduous path to capture its extent from ground to heaven. But never fear, she was a Midwesterner–she stubbornly continued until the paper reflected her true self. I took this as a great lesson: not to hurry for sense when I write. I might land too quickly and miss out on half my mind.”

Natalie Goldberg

Homeschool mama sitting to write

 1. When you write, you learn to own your voice.

Accept that it’s different than others. (You, and everyone else, already knew that, but when you publish your voice, you’re also loudly claiming it).

2. You might alienate people, but you’ll also build relationships.

Were you thinking that you’d go through life where everyone liked you anyway? Do you like everyone? Does following the pack feels authentic? Certainly, when you lay your thoughts on the page, everyone won’t agree, and might gradually dislike the thoughts coming from you. And they might also gradually like you more, regularly building interactions, and that will bear out in relationships in real-time.

3. You figure out what you think, and what you don’t.

And when you write it and send it in to the blogosphere, or magazines, or en novel, you might discover later that you even disagree with yourself. In the meantime, carefully choosing a turn of phrase to express yourself, more closely aligns your words with your inner thoughts, and you build an inner congruence.

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