you know you’re a homeschooler when you happen to know…

You know you’re a homeschool family when…

When your kids know stuff at ages that public schooled kids don’t. Oh, and you don’t know when they’re supposed to know them either.

Zach flying high above me: you know you're a homeschooler when

Unquestionably, your kids are especially smart and engaged, maybe because they have a lot of solitude and time, and maybe because you assume kids want to know stuff.

And you know what? They want to know random stuff at random ages.

1. You’re reciting the Gettysburg address at Pizza Hut.

2. You’re waiting for someone’s piano lesson while trying to decide if the sky reveals cumulonimbus or stratus clouds.

3. You throw a language CD in the van while you’re driving to pretty much anywhere, and call that second language study.

4. Your four-year-old understands the different cloud types, especially a cumulus cloud.

5. You tell your kids to put their finished books on the study table, so you can record them in your curriculum book.

6. You can have your choice of a candy bar if you’ve memorized Canada’s prime ministers, in order.

7. You think you woke up early when it was 7:30 am.

8. You won’t answer the question, “Mom, what time is it?”; rather, you point to the clock.

9. Your kiddos are still doing math workbooks in July.

10. You won’t answer the question, “Mom, how much is tax?”; instead, you insist they do the calculations, even after they say they don’t really want to buy that thing anyway.

11. You think of household chores as life skills…floors are meant to be washed so that one day you’ll grow up to be a capable roommate, spouse, or employee.

12. You’re self-conscious that your kiddo can’t answer a math question when her grandparent is in earshot.

13. Your family asks more questions of the zookeeper than anyone in the crowd.

14. You think of Scrabble as a spelling lesson and Crib as math studies.

15. Your kids don’t understand the value of a school hot lunch program, cause they get it every day.

Smart kids, we’ve got!

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