How to Deschool with Kelly Edwards from 90-Minute Day

Kelly Edwards, from 90-Minute Day, teaches a deschool method that connects children with natural learning in their families.

She is passionate about home education, attachment, the gift of neurodivergence, learning, and helping children identify their purpose. 

Kelly Edwards is a homeschool mom in her seventh year. She believes true health happens when emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects are integrated.

To this end, Kelly Edwards uses her personal research and professional experience to guide parents with a framework to overcome overwhelm. 

Deschooling, emotional regulation & self-compassion…

Kelly Edwards & I discuss:

  • Why she should have deschooled when she first homeschooled.
  • Why a clear life purpose gives us direction to choose our educational paths.
  • How we wished we moved away from a school-based homeschool much earlier.
  • Acknowledge that the deschool process feels nebulous.
  • Try to understand ourselves helps us engage on purpose with our kids
  • Learn how to emotionally regulate so we can help our kids emotionally regulate.
  • Create a practice to deschool routinely.

Finally, Kelly Edwards encourages homeschool parents:

  • Your role as a homeschool parent is to be the advocate.
  • Sit back and get to know your child, don’t be transactional.
  • You can do it. Believe in yourself.
  • Keep your expectations lower.
  • Create relationships and a routine with your kids. And read a lot.

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