How to Deschool with Kelly Edwards

Kelly Edwards is the creator and founder of the 90-Minute School Day, a deschooling method that connects children with learning in their natural environment, at home with their family. 

She is passionate about home education, connecting families through attachment, seeing neurodivergence as a gift, learning as a lifestyle, and helping children (and parents) identify their purpose. 

Kelly Edwards is enjoying her seventh year as a homeschool mom, she believes all children are holistic beings and true health is to grow and fully integrate the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the individual; this is best exercised in outdoor environments and synching with natural rhythms. 

To this end, Kelly uses her personal research and professional experience to guide the homeschooling parent with a framework and system to overcome the overwhelm that affects each of us. 

How to deschool your homeschool with Kelly Edwards

This is what Kelly & I discuss:

  • Why she wishes she could have deschooled when she first began homeschooling.
  • Why understanding why each of us is here on this earth gives us direction to choose our educational paths for each of our children.
  • How we wished we moved away from a school-based homeschool much earlier.
  • Acknowledging that the deschooling process feels nebulous and we’re unable to hammer down an educational process.
  • Learning to understand ourselves helps us engage on purpose with our kids
  • That learning how to emotionally regulate so we can help our kids learn to emotionally regulate.
  • Practice deschooling routinely.

Kelly encourages homeschool parents:

  • You’re the resource for your child. Your role as a homeschool parent is to be the advocate.
  • Sit back and get to know your child. Our tendency is to be transactional.
  • You can do it. Believe in yourself. Keep your expectations small. All you need to do with your children is create relationships and a routine and read with your kids.

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