Is deschooling a fad or is it here to stay?

These days I’m deep down a rabbit hole considering why deschooling matters.

I want to know your thoughts: is deschooling a fad?

As with all things, there are fads for everything, including in the homeschool world: so is deschooling a fad?

I want to know your thoughts

  1. Have you deschooled?
  2. Does deschooling even matter to you?
  3. And why do you care about deschooling?

Deschooling is for everyone, and we should do it regularly.

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends, even if they are trends fueled by our homeschool community.

In a nutshell, you want your homeschool to be a place of freedom and purpose, so I think deschooling won’t be a fad in the homeschool community.

Your goal in homeschooling wasn’t to take the kids from “the system” so you could recreate your own version of a “system” in your home. 

(ps I did do this, of course, and many homeschool families do this too, or at least we try, until we discover how NOT workable it is…)

Therefore, I think deschooling is a highly effective tool that helps release us from doubt, uncertainty, and that not-good-enough feeling.

Say whaaa?

A tool that brings freedom and purpose AND releases us from those feelings?

Now I am NOT saying we’ll never feel those feelings: you’re a human being and humans feel all feelings at times.

Ultimately, deschooling helps us (& our kids) zero in on the most important elements of learning so we can live our lives on purpose.

I’ve been learning about learning, learning about living with my kids, and learning about what an education is anyway for a couple decades.

And it isn’t what I thought it was. (You too?)

Is deschooling a fad?

So, it turns out…
  • I didn’t need to have a teaching degree,
  • I didn’t have to lesson plan (though sometimes I enjoyed that),
  • and I didn’t even need a report card (though I did one year, because the kids asked me for one!)
I’ve had to address (or release) boredom, motivation, dissatisfaction, not-good-enough, doubt, strict schedules, curriculum choices, and the unhelpful, oxymoronic word: homeschool.

Would you like me to share what I’ve learned so you can be at ease in your homeschool with confidence and clarity too?

That’s why I’m offering a Deschool your Homeschool Intensive to share what I’ve learned AND do a deep dive into your homeschool story, so we can bring you more confidence and clarity too. 

It’ll be 1 1/2 hours with you, me, and one other homeschool mom. (We’ll keep these intensives intimate so you can get transformative perspective-shifting coaching.)

You can reimagine your homeschool life (ask me how I know, or join me and I’ll share how I know)!

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So is deschooling a fad? I don’t think so! Homeschoolers want to homeschool on purpose, so I think deschooling is here to stay!

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