the homestead in 2020: more time for projects

More time = more projects: so what are we doing on the ole homestead in 2020?

But I was outside at this time last year anyway. Without daily trips to town now, I simply have more time to do those projects.

Every morning I take a cup of coffee to the henhouse to release the chickens, give them fresh water and feed, and give them kitchen scraps from the night before.

I ordered meat birds yesterday! Yes, I did.

This is what I’ve done in my homestead in 2020.

Fifteen of them. Where will they live, you ask? Great question. Not sure I can answer that yet. Good thing I have a couple months to plan before they arrive.

What I have found: Someone to process them. Yes, I do. Her middle name: Annie Oakley, love it!

Because though my grandma could walk to the coop and wring a neck or two, turn on the pot to boil, and have that roast hen for dinner, I cannot. (Well, not yet. Give me time.)

We made a fence.

We don’t usually make stuff with hammers (ok, to make a fence, no hammers are actually required). So I’m awfully proud of this piece of art. (No professional fencers allowed to visit though.)

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What to do with all those eggs?

A whole bunch more eggs are eaten at our home since we hunkered down in quarantine. No bed and breakfast guests to serve, but we are sharpening our breakfast game. We have so many eggs benedict, even the dog gets hollandaise sauce on toast.

Canning in April?

Apples for apple pie jam and Chipotle BBQ sauce and apple sauce…not because apples are plentiful yet, though there are leaves on my two feet tree, but because I’m bored. I don’t waste the cores either: apple cider vinegar!

Sourdough baking continues.

Now I’m mixing in a bit of yeast and soaked seeds and I have the best bread yet.

A sure sign of summer: watermelon and roll kuchen.

When one cooks as often as we do, there are always these: dishes.

But I am willing to keep a routinely unkempt kitchen, when I can consume these:

Sometime in mid-February, I’m pouring potting soil into seed trays and ordering a heap load of seeds: my only way to include a homestead in 2020 in February.

By mid-May, the root vegetable seeds are sewn in the garden soil and I’m playing nursemaid to my seedlings. My favourite stuff to do:

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