you know you have a homeschool mom when you do these twelve things…

There are certain things you do that reveal that you might be a homeschool mom.

And your children can definitely identify them.

You know you have a homeschool mom when, you do these twelve things…

you know you're a homeschool mom when...

This list will help you decide if you know you have a homeschool mom…

1. You never see the snacks she bought in the grocery store after you’ve unpacked the bag in the pantry.

2. She’s got your dad asking you mental math questions in his spare time.

3. After any visit outside the home, you find yourself with a new topic for a potential essay or research paper.

4. Your mom expects you to price compare in a grocery store. And she’s not distracted when strangers comment how adorable it is that you are price compared in a grocery store. She still wants to know.

5. She refers to certain times of the day as quiet time, circle time, or readaloud time.

6. At three in the afternoon, she’s heading to the grocer in her PJs
(also known as the Homeschool Mom uniform: yoga pants).

7. Or she gets dressed up (wearing jeans) when she’s on a special outing: like the grocery store.

8. She asks you about the theme of your spare reading book. Or the genre. the secondary characters, the setting, or the symbolism…

9. Your mom is comfortable staring people down as their jaws are on the floor as your mother just said, “I homeschool my children.”

11. Your homeschool mom expects you to read The Economist and Time magazine for current affairs (when you’re eight).

12. She thinks you’re never too young to blog. Writing opportunities!

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