the truth about the homeschool room

Nearly everyone that walks through our home pokes their heads into our homeschool room, located just off the front entry and comments, “Oh this is where you learn.”

And that was my original intent when we built this house: to use that specific room for homeschooling.

But want to know our reality? We’re not in there nearly as often as you would think. We’re certainly not in there school-style: kids in desks and teacher at her desk leading the class. For half an hour this past year, two of us gathered for a geography lesson. Otherwise, it’s a storage zone for our books, resources, and supplies. Sometimes there’s a small zone to play Legos or to craft. Sometimes it’s a quiet place where no one else is.

So where do the kids learn?

  • On their beds
  • On the couch
  • On their beds
  • In a cafe
  • At the kitchen table
  • On the patio table
  • At the pond
  • Down by the river
  • In the library
  • On the lawn
  • In the car
  • On the lawn
  • With the puppy
  • Sitting on a log outside the coop

We are a home learning family and we most certainly learn at home. But learning happens everywhere.

We also learn everywhere else a book can be, an experience arises, or another person shares something interesting.

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