How to Celebrate Diversity & Kinship with Amber O’Neal Johnston

Amber O’Neal Johnston is an author, speaker, and worldschooling mama who blends life-giving books and a culturally rich environment for her four children and others seeking to do the same.

Amber is the author of A Place to Belonga guide for families of ALL backgrounds to celebrate cultural heritage, diversity, and kinship while embracing inclusivity in the home and beyond.

So, let’s chat with Amber O’Neal Johnston…

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You can offer children opportunities to see themselves and others reflected in their lessons, especially throughout their books, and she’s known for sharing literary “mirrors and windows”.

Amber O’Neal Johnston, author of A Place to Belong

Amber O’Neal Johnston & I discuss:

  • Why she chose to write her book.
  • What she learned as her family worldschooled in Ghana, West Africa.
  • What she learned about colourism in West Africa.
  • We discuss the value of reading books to allow for mirrors and windows to further our children’s self-awareness and understanding of themselves.
  • Some things homeschooling has taught her about herself.
  • How we can honour and acknowledge families of all backgrounds to celebrate cultural heritage, diversity, and kinship while embracing inclusivity in the home and beyond. 
  • We discuss how history was one of Amber’s least favorite subjects in school (because of the boring facts and figures and lack of connection), how she has done things differently for her children, and how she feels about history now.

Amber encourages homeschool families:

  • Read widely and have conversations about those books when you’re comfortable.
  • Listen to your heart, but be willing to change your mind.
  • It’s good to tell your kids they are valuable but not more important than other people.
  • Be willing to have hard or uncomfortable conversations.

You can learn more about Amber & her book here:

A Place to Belong by Amber O'Neal Johnston

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