How to Homeschool Better (& Why Do you Want to?)

There can always be a way to improve upon pretty much anything: how we show up in our homeschools, what we expect from our kids, the curriculums we choose, the philosophies we choose, the routines we adhere to, and the communities we create.

We can always do something beyond what we’ve done.

So if you’re interested in learning how to homeschool better, join me as we explore different ways we might be able to do that.

Do you NEED to do something more? Let’s chat!

At the end of our homeschool days, we’ll discover that we could always have done something else.

However, when we approach our children, approach our homeschool life, approach our relationships, and approach our activities with the presumption that we must figure out how to improve them…

  • we might be less able to see what we’ve already accomplished,
  • we might not focus our eyes on the beautiful life we have enabled for our children,
  • and we might not recognize how much growth we’ve experienced ourselves.
If I were to coach you, I would ask you how you would know when you couldn’t improve.

When will you know you’ve arrived?

So, can I ask you a few questions?
  • How will you know when you have homeschooled your BEST?
  • What will you see in the choices you’ve made: the curriculum, philosophies, or routines you’ve chosen?
  • How will you know when you look at your children?

That’s why I’m here, to ask you questions, clarify your challenges, and help you shift your perspective: I offer life coaching for the homeschool mama.

So if you’re curious, join me in a free coaching consultation so we can build rapport, clarify your present challenge, and create an action plan to address your challenge.

Hey, and you can also use these resources:

Homeschool Mama Self-Care podcast for homeschool moms

However, if you’re an overwhelmed homeschool mama, I have a podcast season (& other resources) dedicated just for you.

There are tools available for you when you're feeling a whole bunch of big emotions.

Or when you’re trying to deschool your homeschool.

Dealing with overwhelm so you can be fully present in your homeschool

When you’re challenged by anger, frustration, guilt, or failure in your homeschool.

A Self-Compassion Course Designed for the Homeschool Mama

…a self-coaching tool designed to instill strategies that help you nurture the nurturer, so you can be kind with your big emotions & your kids’ big emotions too…

helping homeschool mamas address and nurture their big emotions with self-compassion

However you decide to approach your homeschool, I want to remind you that your commitment to your kids, your dedication to listening to them, playing with them, reading to them, and learning from them declare emphatically that you indeed are homeschooling amazingly!

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