How to Tackle Unhealthy Habits for the Homeschool Mom

Katie is a Certified Health Education Specialist as well as a Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

Katie holds a Masters Degree in Community Health Education and started Health Wellness & Chocolate after I finally figured out how to lose weight & keep it off after yo-yo dieting for over 30 years!

At Health Wellness & Chocolate, Katie teaches women how to tackle unhealthy habits for the homeschool mom and make peace with food.

How to tackle unhealthy habits for the homeschooler

Self-care is creating a life that you love, that you have agency over, that you don’t have to run away from, that you don’t have to run away to Target for, or even just to run to the bathroom.

Katie Corbett

Advice to Tackle Unhealthy Habits for the Homeschool Moms:

  • You might have this ideal of a homeschool day, and it might not look like it, especially if it’s a month of (days looking like) that. Like a tiny drop of sand over time, they add up in your child’s education.
  • Determine the best time of the day to exercise for you.
  • Find an exercise activity that doesn’t feel like a chore and that you actually like.
  • Before you eat, ask yourself if you’re eating because you’re hungry.
  • Observe yourself and learn why you want to eat when you want to eat. Are you actually hungry?
  • What are your emotional triggers for eating when you’re not hungry.
  • What meaning have you attached to these feelings that trigger you?
  • Shop the perimeter of your grocery store & don’t typically buy things wrapped in packaging.
  • Use the eMeal app to preplan meals and have the accompanying grocery lists filled at the store for you.
  • Put systems in place so you don’t have to make constant decisions, like meal planning.
  • Do a thought download monthly to plan all the details for your next month.
  • Create systems so you’re not reacting to the urgent.

You can have thought boundaries. Capture those thoughts & challenge them. You don’t have to believe all of your thoughts. You don’t have to act on them just because you thought them.

Katie Corbett

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